Woodcraft stator cover 162 no shipping

What exactly is this for? I read the description and get it supposed to be protection in case of a crash but why not just get frame sliders? Anyone have pics of it installed on gen II ?
Be cool, I just wanted to pass the deal to everyone. No disrespect to anyone we all ride. In fact the guy who I asked about the product said it was a grate deal. When I see a grate deal I like to pass it a long to everyone on the form as I would hope they would pass a grate deal to me. I have nothing to do with the site I posted I just paid for a stator cover and tyried to pass a deal to my fellow busa riders.

The cover is to protect your stator in case of a fall, the old cover will scratch and and break apart in a fall. I have not seen it on a gen2 but I wasn't looking.
Cover came in, the company shipped it in 2 different boxes. The cover is heavy and it looks good. It would have been a 3 day turn around if it dint get lost in mail.