won't start ??

A charger is a charger and they all charge the same way! Use your car charger set to 12 volts. First, remove one of the cables from the battery or remove it from the bike, your choice. Hook your charger up to the battery and turn on the 10 amp charge for 15 minutes to warm the battery then reduce the charge to 2 amps. Let it charge over night and she is good to go! If the battery is still low on power, replace it.

Also if you have a wet battery, check every cell and make sure the fluid is up over the plates at least or up to the full mark.

Batteries don't like sitting unused for long periods of time. In the future, once a week or so put give her a 2 amp charge. A battery tender works great for keeping your battery in good shape.

Tuf I love ya and I don't want to argue, but chargers aren't chargers. There's many different varieties and tpes of chargers out there and they are designed for specific purposes and differ depending on the size of the battery.

A car charger could damage a bike battery. It may not. I would go with a charger specifically designed for the battery I'm charging. For a Busa, a Battery Tender, I have the Jr. ( need to use it :whistle: )
Sounds to me like you may have a bad connection at the battery. Check them then loosen them move the cables around and retighten.Now try to start it. It is OK to jump off of a car battery.If you are going to put 10amps or more to it I wouldnt do it for long. No more than 2 amps if you are going to leave it overnight. Do not run it long with a bad battery very hard on charging system.
Be careful with the car charger...sometimes they can do damage to the motorcycle battery if it charges too quick. Walmart sells motorcycle battery chargers for 29.95. You will still have to have one to charge a new battery if you need one as they come uncharged.

YES....car chargers are too strong....2amp at the most for an hour at a time. I run a Schumacher 1.5amp....works awesome and can't overcharge or cook the cells......get a fresh battery, and don't try and add acid or water to your current battery....

Don't run car charging system, but you can pull volts off battery for starting.....and don't use the car charging system to charge your moto battery either.....
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Sooooo, should I just get a new battery, or a battery tender (for bikes)

how much for a GOOD battery ? I don't want to save $10 - $15.00 only to need a new one in a few months.

THANKS for all the responses !!! :beerchug:
Currently I have a ZX12 battery from Autozone....now wait before you flame me....it's a little taller, so you have to shave the center pad from the bottom of the seat. It cost me about $60 as I recall. I also have a BTX14 something-or-another that Daniel sent me for when this one goes to pot.....and it's been six months, with the battery tender and still no "iffy" starts.....

So go down to Autozone, buy their ZX12 battery, shave the little nub off the center so it fits nice and snug with the seat on, and buy the Schumacher ($15), or a Battery Tender Brand from your local shop.....and you'll be right-as-rain Brother..... :super: For now, it would be an economical solution.... :oldcool:

Measure your current length and width, the ZX12 battery is around the same dimensions, but taller...it'll fit fine !!!
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