won't start after long rest period

Nick Kickass

Hello my turbo busa won't start after sitting for about a year.

It will fire for a few cycles if I drip fuel or carb cleaner down the throttle bodies so it is a fuel problem - probably not a spark or compression problem I would bet.

If I pull the fuel rail off, leaving the injectors in (and still hooked up electrically) I do not see any fuel spraying out of the injectors when I turn it over (should I?)

Things I have checked:

1) hooked LED up to each connector for injectors - it makes a slow, steady pulse when I turn the engine over, so injectors have good signal.

2) remove fuel hose from fuel rail and switch the killswitch to 'run' to start fuel pump. Fuel sprays out of the line so the fuel pump is pumping fuel.

3) Hooked each injector up to a car battery and sprayed carb cleaner through them. Each injector "clicked" and seemed to allow some amount of carb cleaner spray through.

4) Took injectors to a shop where a friend works and he "ohmed them out" - they passed the test. Apparently they are not gummed up if they pass this test.

5) Pinched the fuel lines on either side of the FMU and turned fuel pump on. Pinch tries to "straighten out" so FMU is letting fuel through back to the tank. Perhaps it is stuck open and not letting enough pressure develop? I will pinch line and try to start the bike - if it works then the FMU is stuck open and not letting enough pressure develop.

I'm thinking that the fuel pressure might be too low - what (roughly) should the fuel pressure be for a stage 1 kit running 8 psi?

things I think could affect fuel pressure (???)
- damaged fuel pump
- gunky fuel filter
- damaged FMU
sitting for a year , gas turns to crap. diffenetly change the filter. Oh, and check your kill switches
Change that fuel out and try some seafoam. Hopefully the tank didn't rust and clog everything up. An ohm test wouldn't determine if the injectors were clogged.

The battery is in top form ?
I'm jumping from my truck battery - battery is not issue.

Fuel was drained last winter - this is new fuel.

Should fuel visibly spray from the injectors when they are hooked up electrically and the engine is turned over?
The problem was that I did not hook up the ground for the power commander to my battery so that the injectors were getting a weak signal.


Now it starts but idles rough and doesn't like to be revved. However I believe it used to do this until it was warmed up. At least I hope it did.