Won a Go Pro Sunday .


@ company picnic. Hero 2018 model. Pretty cool, and I always wanted one. Never would shell out though. Here is my 1st video.
It's my furr babies @ dinner. Constantly training them. Stella the big blue staffy female is 2 now, and we have had her for 8 months after rescue. She had no manners, and was not house broken. Delaney the red on sofa mixed with mastiff is a rescue also
Who has been here 4 months age 2 to 3?
Griffin the fawn male is less than a year old, abused, and just coming out of his shell.
He has been here 2 months.
We lost all three of our senior dog's in the last 10 months after 12 to 14 years of age.
They were all rescues too.


My GF gave her Boxer to a friend of ours and a week later a guy tossed a poisoned hotdog to him to keep him from barking when he tapped on the teenager daughter's window. So from then on I taught my guys to only eat when I rubbed their head and said 'OK".
One night after a very long day I dragged in around midnight after a double shift and made my 8 month old Golden Retriever his bowl and set it down as I dropped into my chair and zonked out. About three hours later I woke to him staring at me drooling but he had not touched his food. I rubbed his head and said OK and he dove into it.
Man did I feel bad BUT so proud of him too :super:


Well bravo in taking in rescue dogs. They need love too. We rescued Pitts for a while up till a few years ago when we got sarge. He is absolutely scared shirtless of me. We got him he was 5 months old and at that time was scared of everybody. Took us 2 weeks just to get him off the couch without pissing ever where. Now, 2.5 years later, never beaten or abused he is still afraid of people and can still just look at him and he cowers and pees. We never know the life they had before us, and sometimes o matter how hard you try and the love you give, you will not get that scared puppy out of them. I’ve also taught him not to eat without us saying. Ok. He won’t take food from strangers either. He so big people will avoid walking in the same side of the street with him lol


Nice dogs. CoolCamera. You'll love it. I just my daughter one and it is so much better than the one I git back in 2010.
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