Women Busa Riders


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I was curious about how many women are represented here. Tried to sort the members by sex, but couldn't. So this is the old fashioned way...

1. Lobusa
2. Busachick
3. Baccd1

Who am I leaving out?


I've only heard from two LoBusa and Busachick...And I think both of them are on vacation from the board right now...
I remember you! We haven't heard from you in a looong time. Are you going to Laguna again next year?
1. Lobusa
2. Busachick
3. Baccd1
4. MsSexyBusa
5. flying swan

MsSexyBusa is a new one on me, but I remember flying swan from somewhere. Ithought there were more than this...too bad!
we need pics of all of em for proof!!!!
Should we do poll on how many of us would like to see pics of our beloved woman riders and their vehicles of choice?
I'm a female Busa rider.

Did i type that or think it.


lets see em girls.
I'm a female Busa rider.

Did i type that or think it.[/QUOTE]

OK, don't confuse me rgd808. Are you female or making fun?
Hi brennanop,
I'm back. Yes, I'll be at Laguna again next year. I'm bringing a whole group of people. I started a club up here in Vancouver check it out www.vrombc.com and well check out my cafe website www.flyingswancoffeehouse.com just got it going so there's not much there yet. Is anyone going to Laguna. Let's met up. Here's my picture. It was my birthday, my friends threw me a surprise party and designed this leather suit for me. That's me and my busa. Check out this website, my girlfriend, Anna Thomas designs women motorcycle gear. www.ignitiongear.com

Her bikes almost are pretty as mine..

Cool leathers Swan

Dern it.. I wanna go to Seca...
Very nice picture Flying Swan it looks like you were having a great time. Oh yeah and Happy Birthday.
It's on the wrong side of the country... and to quote a song...

"I'm just a poor boy, from a poor family.
He's just a poor boy from a poor family

something about life and a monstrosity... haha.

Although I am poor the biggest reason is I've already got a vacation planned with the GF to daytona... and swinging both trips would be pretty rough.

Year after this one though... *crossing fingers*