Wolfs Run Hyabusa Style


So i finally have 5 of this 6 bullet cams mounted on the new bike..Got a chance to ride up Hwy 33 now after i have put 1200 miles on her...
Got a call this past week by and freind who has a Hyabusa and wanted to go for a quick ride so we shoot up Hwy 33 to Wolfs and back which gave me a chance to test out the new mounts.. Got a new angle im happy with facing the rear.. The other new mount faces to my 8 oclock position.. Im using a PDR100 by Chasecam.com. and have 2) 4 gig but most the time only use 1 per day of riding. Mounted under tail section of my bike...I have 1 bullet cam on front wheel right side reflector, #2 cam mount on left side fairing,#3 Helmet ,#4 rear #5 facing right side in a 8oclock positon.

Enjoy the ride
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PS this web site need a video section, Im goning to be posting many :laugh:
i live in florida---what are those things that you lean the bike around--oh!! corners
nice video set up i have the 06' like your friends
:bounce: Very cool glad you all dug it...More to come.

this is why i ride a Hayabusa
- Peregrine Falcon Hayabusa[/url]


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Nice Dude. I wish we had roads around here that didn't have a sideroad or driveway every twenty yards or so. Keep up the good work, the video is awsome.