wolf exhaust


i think i migt of finally decided on a set of boltons. but not positive. i can get a set of wolf boltons for $430.00. and was told that they are alittle louder than microns. anyone out there got a opion on them.
i contacted them and they say they put out about 98-100 db at 6-7000k rpm. and a lifetime warrenty to original owner.
just ordered the wolf bolt ons. planning on getting a dyno done before and after. and have a map made up for it. ill post some pics and any details after the dyno runs. to bad i have to wait 47 days to do everything. got to go to cali for school. which sucks.
They make underseat pipes for most bikes...too bad they don't make 'em for the 'Busa...That would be very cool! Anybody toy with this idea?
Finally back from cali and will be putting on the wolf boltons as soon as i get a chance and will tape the bike with stock exhaust and then with the wolf exhaust. then i will just have to figure out how to put it on my computer.