Wnba... horrible!


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Just flipping through the channels and came across a WNBA playoff game (LA vs SEA)... and the score is only 39-30 in the 3rd quarter!!! LOL! I'm not sexist or anything, but some sports are better left to the men! Or... they need to at least lower the rim for the women.
...or you can continue flipping through the channels.
hey now-it aint horrible when those players go out n sign autographs for all the lil girls that dream about growing up n playing pro-basketball! and they do what they do against the best female athletes out there-that's why scores are usually low-there are no Shaqs or Kobes in the WNBA-pretty equal playing field. I have a daughter n she's 10 yrs old, and stands 4' 11"...wears a size 9 in womens' shoes...Id much rather her look up to those women on the court than the ones all her t.v. shows-even the Nickelodeon stuff has all the young girls either drooling over boys or clothes.
Those are some of the best role-models out there for my girl, so please dont diss'em too much. I and alot of others like them here, getn the national coverage that they do-n it took a LOOOOOOONG time to get to this level.

that being said-I'd murder half those chix on a court myself. Not with skill, but sheer size-I played some girls from the UWM Panthers team a few years back (got caught runnin my mouth n a bet was made) we played 2-on-2 to 11....that was a really fun 20 minutes! (i suppose it would have been more interesting if the girls weren't 10" shorter than me