"Wizard" is down..:-((


last night WIZARD and his girlfiend were returning from a ride...in a right turn it was slippery , they fell, but unfortunately a big truck was coming from the other way..the death was instant..

i still cant believe it.....:-(((


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Prayers out to the family.

Did they have any children?

Reason for Edit: None given...|1101735840 -->


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The news of another fellow Busa rider fallen deeply saddens me..... May our prayers in Ks comfort those who knew these riders from the other side of the world! God speed........ R.I.P.


That's so sad! I'll say a prayer for them. As they say in GREEK;
SEELEEPEATEERIA! (sorry..my deepest sympathy).


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As with all others, my thoughts are for those who have gone.

I also log on to a local website here, and it is starting to become more than depressing when you read, almost every day about someone going down......too many accidents...way too many fatalities.


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I was not expecting to read this...My first thought when I viewed the title was that he had been involved in an accident but would be OK...This is so sad...The same thing almost happened to me last nite...I was riding pretty aggressive and came up on a curve but I could see that the road was wet slowed the best I could but ended up in the on coming lane nothing was there...

Their in my prayers...
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