With $1,000...


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... what would the experts here suggest as far as performance mods go to upgrade a stock Busa?

I'm looking for accelleration from 0-150 more than increasing the top speed (because hitting that speed is rare and I still haven't done it).



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(goodluck @ Sep. 06 2006,23:18) full exhaust system and a pc
+1...might run you a little more than a grand but i think it would be your best return for the bucks...of course, then you have to get it to a good dyno, etc. and the list continues
used PCIIIR: $175 shipped
murray sidewinder pipe: new $600, used $475.
small airbox mod: free
pair valve mod: $20 for plates, $3 for bolts into holes.
intake cam with adjustable sprocket on both cams: used sprockets and a used cam: $200
waterpump mod: free
goodbye to the oil cooler: $10 in bolts.
adjustable lowering links: $50
lowering strap: $20
trimmed bodywork for a slammed bike: free
case of beer for a friend who knows that they are doing and you can be out the door, running low 9's for about $1k.


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Whats a water pump mod? and I second psyo's thoughts...will taking off the oil cooler affect the streetability of your bike?

Why not change the sprockets?


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I'm looking for accelleration from 0-150 more than increasing the top speed [/Quote]
Dude,change your sprockets for an immediate noticability in your bikes performance! Either go with the popular 16/42 or just throw a 43 in the rear.I agree,pipe is good,and I still need one myself,but if you aint wanting to go 180+ then change out those sprockets.



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(psycobusa @ Sep. 07 2006,02:44) how much would the waterpump mod and oil cooler deletion affect streetability?
good ?

I hadnt heard this one before


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(brendanp @ Sep. 07 2006,06:29) I'm looking for accelleration from 0-150 more than increasing the top speed
Dude,change your sprockets for an immediate noticability in your bikes performance![/Quote]


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What I'm thinking about now is getting Akrapovic slip-ons (more for looks and sound and a little bump in power), a tre, and then doing either the 16/42 or 43 rear...

If so, what would the performance be like over 150? It's a given that with that set-up it would be much better than stock from 0-150. But I also want that top end speed to be there. Thanks for all the input!


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17T OEM front Sprocket
42T Rear Sprocket
EK zzz or, zvm chain
Muzzy Full System
Small Airbox Mod
Muzzy Alum Fan

Forget the TRE...go for the JC MOD when you have the HP to push over the 184 speed restriction with the new Gearing.
for starters, why go with a 16/42? you have made a very minimal impact from a ratio standpoint? -1 up front is equal to +3 in the rear and going -1 up front increases chain wear and output shaft stress from the decreased radius turn the chain makes. 17/42 will fit in the OEM chain and save you that $$$, but you will lose ~1/2" in wheelbase.

second, a TRE does nothing from a performance standpoint below 180mph. it has been proven over and over again the TRE hurts drag performance. it may make it feel better and get rid of the infamous 3,500rpm hiccup in the first gear map, but thats it. it will slow you down.

last, I lived in phoenix and had no oil cooler and had zero heating issues, even at 114 degrees outside. but the bike was mapped a bit on the fat side which may have helped keep EGT's down.


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16/42 youll love it. but you wont get above 180. but will you ever? a tre will hurt ar the track. but will help with around toun rideing. smothes out below 4500rpm. and with the cans you will need to do the marble mod. when i put on mine it backfired until i installed the marble.


TRE wont slow u down bro-but if you're lookin for more acceleration, go with any of these:

1- 16/42 gears
2- Small airbox mod
3- BMC Race Air filter
4- PAIR Blockoffs
5-New triple clamp cover (allows u to drop front forks a bit-dont go too far...1" is enuf, dont wanna smash the front fender into the nose if ya hit a pothole. But that drop will help you get off the line without doin a BigDiesel "ooooohhhhh sshhhheeeee-aaaaatttt" wheelie when you hit it in 1st...and you'll corner a lil better too)
6-FULL EXHAUST!!! I like HMF, some like Brock Hindle, others Tsukigi...tomay-to, tomah-to, ya feel me? no slip-ons tho; they are a waste of $$, big-time. little or no HP increase
7-PC III USB...but this will only make a difference if you have the exhaust.

IMO-throw on a full system, (check here or E-bay for a deal) find a PC III usb and send to Johnny Cheese for a map...get somebody to help you do the small airbox mod (hell, mail it to me if you're worried about wreckin it-I can do it in a day and ship it back out, no prob) and when you throw the new PC III in with JC map and get the pipes on...make sure your grip is tight bro-cuz that bike is guna shoot off like Rosie O'Donnell after a plate of refried beans and Jalapenos!!!!


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LOL! (That Rosie line was hilarious!!!)


But I guess when I'm ready to begin (in a few days) I'll have to weigh all these options to get the right set-up for me. I definitely want more acceleration, but also want to keep it fast in high gears... and I wouldn't mind black/carbon cans for pure looks...


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What's a TRE?

I say nay to slip ons. They cost almost as much as a full system, especially Akrapovics, and they do little for perfomance


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True. The Akrapovic slip-ons at this one site are about 730... and full systems aren't that much more. But... I like having two pipes!!! I definitely want performance but I also want looks... so this whole thing is gonna be a nightmare to figure out.