Wiring issue


I cut removed the wires for lights and radiator relay, now my fuel pump is not getting a signal for its relay as well as the temp meter on the display is pegged to "H" when powered on. Also trying to work from the 99-00 wiring diagrams but need them for a 05.

Any ideas

PS this is for a buggy

It's hard working from a 99-2000 diagram because the fuel pump was external and the wiring for the pump was part of the injector harness. It's different on the 2002-2007 (and some 2001 models). I've attached the 2005 wiring diagram. Hopefully that will help you figure out what happened. You should be able to right click on it and do a "save image as" and get a full sized version. If that doesn't work, PM me with your email address.

UPdate, I reconnected the orange and yellow wires for the fan relay on the fusebox and it turned the fuel pump trigger back on.