I know I may be a bit in advance with this question, but I was curious to know what to do to make sure everything is fine with the fuel system after a long winter. I use to have a carburated bike (Katana 750) and never ever had any problem restarting it. I usualy pour a half bottle of fuel preservative and start the motor few minutes to let the product fill the carburators. But with fuel injection!!?? What to do?
I use Sta-bil fuel stabilizer and have had no problems...Oh and I try to get out and ride at least every other week. So if you don't ride year round at least go out and start it up.

Also if you fill the tank up it will keep your tank innards from rusting.
So It's less job for an injected bike. Thanks for the link and good ideas. I will resume my usual routine... Fuel stabiliser and few minutes running and voilà!