Winter riding gloves?


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Well, it's that time of year and we have to decide whether to ride it or park it.

This is my first cold season with the bike, and so far I have ridden comfortably in 45 degree weather except for my hands.

Just bought these and hope they do the job-

but in case they don't, what are you using in cold weather, and what is realistically the lowest temp they actually keep your hands WARM, not simply avoiding frostbite?

P.S.- These are the Tour master Cold Front Carbons- waterproof, thinsulate lined. Comfortable on the controls in the shop, but haven't ridden with them yet. Hope they have some sort of feel on the controls.

Please post manufacturer, model, and pic if you have it. I'm sure many others will be shopping in the next month or so!


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I use Tour Master Polar-Tex.

It works down to freezing. I'd use latex liners and if you're riding more than 20-30 minutes and it's below freezing, you really need heated gloves. Otherwise you'll be stopping on the side of the road grabbing the exhaust headers just to survive.


i used to ride my CBR XX through the michigan winters. if roads weren't too damp and it was atleast 30-35 degrees out i'd roll for about 3 or 4 hours. a turtleneck shirt plus a thinn hooded sweatshirt, hood up and under helmet helped keep warm greatly. Long johns and thick jeans or lower racing leathers are great along with good riding boots.

For hands, i tried alot of gimmicks out there. Snowmobile thinsulate gauntlet gloves alone won't work. Tried skier gloves, thermal gloves, nothing did great for more then a hour until a freind informed me that Dr.'s style rubber gloves were the way to go. They're skin tight and make your hands sweat (obviously holding heat in, cold air out). Those along with some thinsulate gauntlets and i was set for a few hours of hi speed runs in 35 degree weather (not many speedtraps in the middle of january


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Reusch Ski Gloves are the ones you want.
Warm Gloves
Make sure you download the complete catalog.
The web pages just show a sampling.


last winter i rode even in the low 20's with leather gloves. get heated grips i'am doing that this year.


As stated: surgeons rubber gloves under your riding gloves will do nicely. Chicago motor cop gave me a pair of 3 finger leather mittens he used to use when he was on duty. Thumb & index finger were seperate. They were really warm.


I use widder heated gloves.
Best thing I ever bought for winter riding.
Hands are never cold even on 10 degree mornings.


Spend $30 on a set of dual star grip heaters! Best $30 you'll ever spend. You can run whatever grips you please and also whatever gloves you please. I am pretty picky about my hands and I have a really nice set of Hein Gerricke leather winter gloves but they are so huge around the fingers I cant stand to ride in them very far. So I had the wife get me the Dual stars and I can ride all year round in my Held Akira's and be quite comfy! I rode down to 26 degrees last winter with this setup (lotsof rain too!) and was just fine! I was just reading a story about Gary Eagans ride across Canada on the new Ducati Multistrada 1100 and his Electric Gloves shorted out and burned his hands! No idea what brand they were but I wouldnt want that happening to me!


I purchased Symtec Heated Grips from Adventure MotoStuff and absolutely love them! I have done several rides in cold weather and they work beautifully. You will be amazed at how comfortable the ride is when your hands stay warm.



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MC Mustang has a nice pair for sale...

Cant find the link.

Me on the other hand, I dont ride in the cold.


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Update: the Cold Front Carbon's do quite well at 45 (the coldest it's gotten here to try) and are confortable as well. Not bad feel considering there is a layer of insulation all over the glove, I think these are a keeper.

Willie G

If they work for you up there on the Hill, I'll be fine down here in the Delta.

Time to go get some....


I have a bunch of different gloves for different conditions.

Tour Master's w/ wiper on thumb for real cold,

real old set, do not remember name, that is middle wieght for 50-60 weather

and the normal condition gloves for the rest of it.


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For the coldest rides I wear Hein Gericke waterproof leather gauntlets with silk liners on. On most days just my old TM leather touring gauntlets are warm enough.


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i wear my regular a stars sp1 gloves and use the "hot grips". my hands on top get cold but not unbareable. i ride well into november and definately under the 30 degree mark. my only gripe with winter riding gloves is that they are too bulky for me.

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