I really need some feedback here form peopel that have either...problems. Wind protections, which is higher...Wind noise at speed?
I own both...actually I own those two, a double bubble and the stock screen. I use a screen based on how I plan to use the bike. On long trips 1000 + miles nothing beats the Sport touring screen as far as protection goes, but over 120 mine starts to rattle. I believe that because its thinner than stock and sits so high. The Euro screen is a nice anytime screen that provides a lot of protection, and overall I'ld rate it above the Sport touring screen. The only reason I don't is because mine doesn't fit exactly right, seems to be molded improperly. But i had it painted to match the bike before fitting it, so i'm stuck with it. The double bubble .... I'll let you know a bought it used at a great price and haven't installed it yet.
I've had my st up to 150 and no problems. Real nice quality. This is screen SuperKaos has used, check his board and seen how fast he's gone with it (probably over 200!)
I have the Power Bronze euro and love it. I'm 6'4" and the wind no longer hits me directly in the neck. It might be my imagination but it seems to smooth the ride out at high speeds, since the wind flows over my large frame instead of hitting it. I had no fitting issues also and it seems to be thicker than the ZG Double. Chris