Windscreen cleaning


The salesman at the dealer said they take toilet paper and wad it up and get it soaking wet to clean the windscreens, to avoid hairline scratches.  I'm hard pressed to believe that toilet paper is better than good soft cotton, but that's what he said.  

I'd like to keep it looking nice, at least for a little while.  What are you all using to clean them to avoid hairline scratches?
On my stock car windshield which was lexan we used Pledge but I wash my windscreen with the bike and then wax it with Mothers car wax I use it on the whole bike I havent had any trouble
I am a detailer and new bike assembler and we use Plexus and Maguires Clear Plastic polish also.The Maguires is a great product,we have a 2nd hand '90 model GSX750F that had a yellowed screen and was covered in swirl scratches and it now looks clear and relatively scratch free.
Wow!!! all i've used is warm soapy water and a paper towel. And I haven't had any problems. If anything my concern would be protecting it against scratches obtained from riding
Glass cleaner and a towel works for me.