Windows XP Resolution HELP!!!!!!!


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I realize this is not the place for asking for computer help but just maybe there is a computer guru among us who could help me out with this?

I have Windows Enternet Explorer 8 running on windows XP.

The resolution on all websites including the org has poor resolution (Very Poor) but my computer itself displays very crisp and clear.

I talk to my porvider MSN and they went through all the motions and says the problem lies within Enternet Explorer/Windows XP. So I call the help line and they tell me if I purchased the computer with the software installed I'll need to pay for their services. So, before I fork up the cash to Microsoft, I'd like to know if anyone on here knows how to reset the resolution?

I'd be forever grateful to anyone who could fixit! :beerchug:


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Give it a minute, someone will chime in. My guess (not a pro by any means) would be to update the video driver.


Download and install Safari from Apple then compare the resolution of a same site to confirm your IE8 is actually the problem. Once this is established then we can narrow down further or you may stay with Safari...


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You might PM Skywalker he is pretty good on them.


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run firefox IE is crap always has problems

opera works well too!

Opera Browser | Faster & safer Internet | Free Download

Cut and paste from,
Opera - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET
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"Opera browser sings"

Reviewed by: CNET Staff
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Opera's extras push it to the top of the class. Integrated theme support previews themes from within the interface, and the new version sports a default redo that's an attractive balance between "dark" and "light" themes. Opera's desktop widgets can appear anywhere while Opera is running. The Wand utility combines autofill with saved passwords, and it's hard to ignore the addition of torrent support and real-time fraud protection. The latest version includes reasonable anti-malware protection courtesy Haute Secure.

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The new version is faster, has multiple back-end changes to handle code better, and expands Opera Link synchronization. We think Opera has what it takes to unseat even the biggest-name browsers. You just need to hear it sing."



Here is how to get to your screen settings,

just right click on the desktop somewere not on an icon

go down the menu and left click properties

left click the settings tab

now here you can change your resolution and color settings

make color the highest should be 32 bit

and resolution anything you want just try different ones and you can always change it to something different, but you will want higher then 800 by 600 probably. I have a 26 inch dell LCD (wide screen) and mine is set (sorta high) at 1920 x 1200... yours will probably be different. hope that helps

PS I use FireFox too, I love FoxyTunes on it... always playing music while I surf


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This is Vista but very similar to XP, find and uncheck boxes, should help.


cliclk +uncheck.jpg

uncheck smooth.jpg


Please give us feedback of what you tried from the suggestions and what results you got. If you still have the problem, I may be able to help fi you're still in the same situation. Just post here what you tried and what happened.

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You might want to right click the IE icon on the desktop (or from menu) and then click properties..

under "compatibility" there is a resolution button.. make sure it is not checked to 256..


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I had a similar problem when I started running Windows 7. IE8 doesn't display some pages correctly. Look at the top in your address bar, if there is an icon for "compatability mode", click it, that should fix the problem. The icon looks like a page torn in the middle.


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if none of the previous things work. check your zoom in the, i think, lower right corner, you might have mistakenly set it to something besides 100%.

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