Will this work? Has anyone tried this? Gold wing air ride suspension on a busa?


:please:Has anyone ever tried to use the air ride system from a Gold wing on there Hayabusa if you have please let me know. If it worked or if it was a fail. thanks any feed back would be most helpful.
Thank you in advance for your time and knowledge.:banghead:
I installed a 300 kit I built for it. With hand made dog bones for height, but I don't like the way it sits for our combined weight of 310Lbs (me being the fat one) when I changed them out to lower it just a half inch it rubs the tire on the bumps on the interstate. So I figured the air ride would support both of us on the bike so she can ride with me. My girl friend heard me say I need an air ride suspension for the Busa. So she went on Ebay and bought the entire suspension setup off a Honda Gold wing and said make it work! I want to ride da*it! So I am on here getting some input. I can make just about anything work, but I am hoping someone has already gone down this path to make it a little easier for me on my journey into air ride.



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With the time, $$$, and R&D into making it work and work reliably your probably better off just scanning ebay and forums like this for a used brand name kit made specifically 4 a busa