Will the RCC intercooler set up allow high speed distance riding?

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I know this is blasphemy but I have a ZX14R stage two fully built motor turbo with meth injection. Just to be clear I also have a built 08 Busa so I am part of the club. But the guys I ride with ride for miles in the 160-180mph and beyond and I can't ride like that because I empty the meth tank cruising because I'm in boost for so long. Richard has come out with a water to air intercooler for the 14 using the ultra core. My question is do any of you guys with the ultra intercooled bikes run the way I described? Richard says I wouldn't need the meth any longer with the kit. Posting here because the ZX14 forums have no information on turbos like there are on here.


With good gas a good tune the intercooler should hold temps down for extended runs.
I'd talk to one of the sponsors on here though for your definition of extended run and validate intercooling can keep it under control.

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The zx a2w is a touch smaller then the ultra plenum for the Busa’s.

However I can tell you from experience that with the ultra plenum we have countless customers with 400hp pump gas bikes running all out in the middle of summer without any issues. It’s a great product and well with the investment.

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