Will stock Busa wheelie off the throttle?


I've finally broken-in the Busa at 600 miles.  I have a question for Busa owners....

Will a stock Busa (02 in my case) wheelie off the throttle in first gear?  

No clutch popping, but just by throttle power.  My experience up to about 5 to 6 thousand rpm's is that it won't - too heavy on front end (or I'm too heavy at 6'2" and 210lbs).  Now that I can go higher in the rpm's, I just wanted to know what to expect.   

Instal a TRE. Makes a big difference in 1st and 2nd gear. I'm 6'4" and ~250# and have a harder time keeping the front down than thinking about getting it up. Busa's a big bike.

To answer the question, yes a stock Busa can "Power Wheelie" in first and second gear.

If you want it to come up, run her up to about 5k, quickly roll off the throttle, then roll back on. She will snap up pretty quick, so be quick to close the throttle, or tap the rear brake.

Also from a stop, you can roll onto the throttle, get you butt next to the hump, and she will come up real smooth.

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I get it up (ew) at around 5,500 in 1st all of the time. Make sure you get your hand turned forward on the throttle before starting and when the time comes, wide open! Try sitting further back in the seat a hair and sitting a little more upright if the rear tire breaks loose.

Some people prefer the suspension down-up method... I.e. get up around 5,000 RPMs and close throttle momentarily (this will dip nose and compress front suspension a little). Wait a brief moment while the suspension rebounds and hit throttle. The nose will soar!

BTW - you still have 400 miles for the 2nd break-in. You are supposed to keep it under 8,000 RPMs now. But, it will still wheelie in that range.

Have FUN! Be SAFE!

i am 6'1" 290 # or so. i have no problem gettiing it up on one wheel.. my bike is stock at the moment... :D
OK Ya'll Maybe the 02LE is more powerfull after all,   :D    the front end comes up on me at right about 4500 even without rolling off, just crack it open.  Second gear, same thing, crack it open from a steady RPM of about 5K and up she comes, smooth as a 747...Landing it is just as smooth, slowly ease off and down she comes.  
I am 6'1" 215lbs. I am also at sea level so maybe that helps?  I imagine it might.

I read before buying the Busa that they really are not all that wheelie prone, yeah maybe not compared to a Ducati Monster or a Gixxer 1000 but this thing is plenty wheelie happy.
thanks, lots of decent tips.  I'll give her a go as soon as it dries up here.  I think my chain is a little loose after doubling my nephew for a couple hundred miles during break in.  If the chain is a little loose, the slight lag after I pop the throttle might be keeping me from wheelieing.  If i still had trouble, I imagine could swap out for a larger sprocket, and would fix any wheelie deficiency syndrome ;-)

Oh, and one other thing.  I'm at 600 miles now but have to wait about 18 days until I can get the 600 mile first service at the dealer I bought from.  I could put on another 200-300 miles during this time - easy.  will it be ok to NOT change the oil until then, or should I change the oil now?  Normally I just let the dealer do the service, but I'm worried about the oil after the 600 mile break in.  any comments?
not sure about the oil... But, they say the 600 mi. service is the VERY important one.

Also, I would be a little worried about the loose chain. How loose? You may want to tighten it up a bit.
Tighten the chain...Check the oil level and roll out...Pratice is what it takes for the wheelies...The Busa will wheelie when you call on it...Just ask Busahigg...
Busa comes up with no problem. I have done a standup in 3rd with just throttle (no clutching it.) I have bounced my gix in 4th with just throttle.
Well mine must be a problem child... wont do a wheelie as far as throwing the gas to it. But my rear tire is starting to show age , fast. May be lifting some, but I haven't noticed it.
My next mod will be new gears and chain.
I've come to realize the bike is balanced, to "not" kill the new rider. Very fast though :)

Kevin in VA.
Have you really tried it, not trying to be a %#^* but I have a hard time believing that there is a Busa that wont pull monster mingers at will.
What altitude do you usually ride at?
It's strange because all I do is hunker down, leave the light casually, then just twist my wrist with a little intent and up she comes, stay in it and she just keeps climbing... I wonder if your Busa has had the chain-wheels altered. Maybe a couple of teeth off the rear at some point?

I have to tell you it rained like piss here all day.  I haven't rode the Busa for more than a week due to Easter see the family travels - so I am chomping at the bit to get out on Saturday and see what I can do.  

The first thing I am going to do is tighten that damn chain a wee bit.  I have a feeling that the loose chain and the fact that I've been sparing the RPM's on the break in are the reason for not wheelies to date.  I'll let ya know.