Will Gen 2 helibars fit a Gen 1? Need info ASAP!


Rainbow of Skittles
I did a search where I read it is possible BUT has anyone done it and how much work or fussiness was it to adapt the Gen 2 to a Gen 1? It sounds like it’s a “simple” case of drilling a couple of holes but I am always a bit worried that what seems simple posted on ze web becomes a nightmare in real life.

I welcome all opinions, thoughts and comments.

Ride safe, folks


Top Gun
heli-bars for gen 1 and 2 are the same, with the exception of the location of the dimples or through holes that the plastic locator pins on both switch housings use.
A sharpie, center punch, and a small drill bit fix things easily.
Worth doing if you can get a good price on the wrong gen heli bars for your bike.


Top Gun
Roger, thanks. Umm....what’s considered a “good deal”? In your opinion....
Cheaper than new to the point where it's personally worth marking and drilling...to You.
Not being a smartass either.
Me, I would for 3/4 the price of new or less.
Which you should find the specific ones you need at that cost used anyway.
I've seen a couple used sets of heli-bars for sale lately, and I think their prices have been too high.
I'm sure you know that yourself, considering how much mods and used parts depreciate.
I'll link any heli-bars for sale I may find to this thread

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