Will A Busa Fit In The Bed Of A Ford Ranger?


I'm looking at getting a new car or truck pretty soon and I'm thinking that I want to get a truck so I can cart the busa around if I ever need to. So I'm just wondering if anyone here knows or has tried to put their busa in the bed of a ford ranger because I've got my eye on one currently. Thanks A Lot.
You can't close the tail gate and the front fender hits the front of the bed unless you put in a wheel chock or something.

This is from the time I put it in my dad's truck with a 6 foot bed on it.
If you get going fast enough I am certain you can make it fit...
I brought mine home in a Ranger with a standard bed. No problem. I hope you are getting a V-6, the 4cyl that I had was a little wheezy.
depends on what your def of fit is
part hanging out of the bed :super:

it will fit if you take it apart :tounge:

or if you can do a 12 o'colock and hold it and then tie it down leaving the bike straight up it will fit for sure !!! :cool:

I have a ford ranger, it fits fine. I have a bedliner, so I have to put a 2"x4" between the front tire and bedliner, that way the front fender does not rub.
You can not close the tailgate, but fits ok.

Ride safe