Wileyco mufflers


I'm looking for some info on the Wileyco slip on mufflers for the Hayabusa. Dennis Kirk has a closeout deal for the Titanium at $448.00 for the pair

I'm only looking for replacements for a stock muffler, with hopefully more sound.

I would also like to know how the Titanium looks and the quality of fit and finish

Any info would be appreciated on this

I installed the Titanium Wileyco slip on cannisters. The fit and finish are as good as I've seen, and the hardware supplied is all Stainless Steel including the spacer for the exhaust can strap.

The physical size is the same as stock (diameter and length) and the sound is great.

For the money, they are the best looking and sounding slip ons that I have personally seen and heard.

This info for all