Wifes second ride on new bike

So today the wife enjoyed the GS500 again and states she just can't get enough.

Now after 6 years of riding experience with dirt bikes- she has made the crossover to the street.

I think I may have created a monster- She was down at yamaha looking at new bikes today too. At the same time she was getting new gloves.
Way to go cetrov! I coerced (ha!) my wife into getting her cycle license (permit) also - told her I was going riding ALL the time (on my new 'Busa), so if she didn't want to stay home, she'd better get with the program! So now she's 'demo'-ing my '82 Seca Turbo, but she thinks she's the 'Harley/cruiser Mama' type, so I think I'll be forking out for a 'Busa blue Marauder here pretty soon (ouch!). Which, could be worse - she actually could have wanted a REAL Harley! (whew!).

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