Why's everyone so afraid to own the busa?


why are so many people so afraid to ride or own a busa? They always tell me that it's too fast, too much power, and that it's just insane!

I mean, it can't be that bad/good can it? After a while, doesn't it become easier to manage anyway? (hope to own one sometime later in my life)

I've talked to dealers, salesmans, and others with like 10+ years of motorcycle experience, and many of them say the same thing about how the busa is too fast too much power too dangerous. Hell, if it's that bad, then why should people even be able to buy/own it? I mean some of these people have plenty of experience with bikes!!!??
I think it just depends. (how's that for an answer

I guess what I mean is it depends what you are doing with it. If your plan is track days, and you plan to spend your life at 11k RPM around turns, then the Busa has a bit too much torque/power at that RPM for alot of people in that situation. (save maybe pros).

The other thing is it is CRAZY fast. I'm still breaking mine in, but I'm getting more and more comfortable with a little more throttle here and there. And trust me, you'll be going 80 before you blink. Doesn't leave alot of time for decisions in real world situations.

It is perfectly safe if you know how and when to use it, but you always have to be aware of the throttle. When I had the Kat, one good thing is I could just turn it until it stopped. Its fun ridin' a bike like that. The busa is alot more responsibility, and some people don't want to have to worry about that.

Sorry for rambling...

A little fear for the Busa is good, even for long time riders. You just need to respect what is there. I did not try for 200mph when I first bought the Busa, but riding for many years it was still scary at over 160mph. Maybe by rthe end of summer I should hit 203mph, scary, hell yhea.
Very interesting conversations you had. I agree with the respecting the bike part. When I was looking at one, no one ever warned about anything, and at the place where I finally got it, the salesman, after hearing about my riding and style, etc., basically helped convince me TO buy it! Probably had something to do with the fact that I wanted a bike that always had 'something' left to give. Anyway, no complaints here!!! Know your limits, watch the 'gas' while cornering, and all is well!
All that talk is just hype.
yep its fast and yep it is responsive-
you learn to ride it and know what is can do just like anything else. There are alot of 10 second bikes out there- built ones, just not so many production bikes- it is a muscle bike for sure- don't be afraid- just respect it.
my bike hit the 500 mile mark- I opened it up- boy was I suprised - I though my old 1000 was fast. this thing stood up in first- shifted to second - front was off the ground again around 100 mph- shifted out of 2nd at 120mph and nailed 3rd- you talk about an ear to ear grin!!!
She has seen max speed on a few ocasions. dyno's at 166.3, smoothest bike I have ever ridden with very predictable power delivery.
You should always respect that much power . But the people
that are scared should stay riding cruzers . Very few people that have "the need for speed" don't respect it , and they're the ones that get hurt . I've been riding sportbikes for 15 years and I get my Busa this Sat. . I'm not scared at all but I definitly won't crank the throtle the first time out . If you're smart enough to ride bikes you're smart enough to pick one you can ride safely . Thats just my two cents .

Depends how you look at fear. Fear can be an adrenaline rush, you need a certain amount of fear when you are going to try 200mph +, it is not a fear to try. Also i would agree with the statement about normal Busa riding.
I agree with Ninja Eater. This thing scares the sh*t outta me

That's why I love it
and I do love it
550 miles and slowly workin' my way up to full throttle and holy ....


If you think the stocker is fast you can try mine. 1497cc 207 hp 120lbs torque. The thing is so fast i'm afraid to take it out of the garage...................NOT..................Knebnr
my frist ride on a sport bike was a hayabusa. i have a harley fatboy, and my friend with a hayabusa wanted to switch one day.  i had never rode a sport bike before.  he just said be real careful, it's really powerful.  an hour later (much to his anger) and after about 75 miles i returned his bike with a huge grin on my face.  he was pissed, but couldn't help but laugh at my excitement. :whip:  

i decided to buy a sport bike and everyone talked me out of the hayabusa.
  it's too big for you, it's got too much power. buy something smaller.  i did, a kawi zx7r.  after 3 months of disappointment and always begging my friend with the busa to trade, i sold my bike and got a busa. 99 gray/blk yoshi full exhaust and more!
  i love my busa, i respect the power and each time i ride i become more comfortable with it.  i know my limitations (which grow smaller every day) and am enjoying the fastest production sportbike made. yea!!  nobody knows better than you what you can do!!

p.s.  i'm a girl!!!!!
A lot of the people that I talked to have told me "Man your crazy!" cause I want a Busa. Although this won't be my first bike it will be my first sportsbike that I own. I've had friends with bikes and I rode my Ex-Brother in law's CBR600 on a regular basis for like almost two years when he was away in the military. I just think you have to repect the power and resist the urge to show off. (yeah right!). I know I'm going to have to top it out aleast once or twice just to get it out my system but I will do it when I feel I am really ready and it is safe, well as safe as it can be.
I pick my new Busa up on Thursday
and was wondering how different the power delivery will be from my previous bike.. A TL1000s? Anyone have any experience with this?
Be afraid,be very afraid. Ihave an 02 silver busa, had it about 2 months now. justclicked 2000 miles. replaced rear tire at 1500 miles. Awesome power, definitely have to use your head on a bike like this. Coming off a 2000 blackbird(cbr1100xx)I,ve already learned the "big bike rules". I guess if u need to ask,you'll never really know.

1500 miles on a back tire? Holy shcnikies, must have been smoling some tires Bro.
Thanks for your comment NinjaZX11R. Your maturity as shown is welcome on this board. Your opinions are highly valued and I hope you continue posting on this board in the future. Best regards.

Hey I own a 2001 blue/silver Busa without a scratch and I am only 17 years old. Beat that!!!!! I know, people think I am crazy, however every day when I come back to the garage without a scratch, nick, or smuge. It is worth the torment to see there jaws drop. And no, I just dont cruze around town 30 mph. I have had mine close to 150 mph and it was great. You just have to be smart and alert at all times. And you need to have a little fear to remind you what you are sitting on.


P.S And to all who read this send me a personal message I want to know what you think. Thanks.






I am very happy that you keep coming home with out a scratch, keep it that way. You need to stop thinking it as a challenge or it could be worse then a scratch. Just keep your wits and a level head, scratches and accidents come more from 30mph then 150mph. At 150 and above most of the time you can just kiss your butt good bye. Stay safe.