WHY people do this to there Hayabusa?


WHY people do this to there Hayabusa? If you have any funny Hayabusa pictures post them here. Thanks



Well pic number one is obivious, the Hayabusa is cleary the victim of a broken marriage she got 1/2 and he got half, cause I sure would want that lady as close to me as possible on the bike.

Pick number two similiar situation but the man realized he would never get another girl on the back if he didn't get rid of the ex- , so cleaverly sawed into the rear subframe just enough to loose her and the rear of the bike at 100+ mph..

The 3 rd guy wanted to make sure he never had to deal with any kind of problems like the first two and though it would be better if no girls wanted to go for a ride.. but thats just my best guess :)

all kidding aside these people probably love thier rides as much as you do yours :)
The second one is hot. I love the rat fighter look and plan on having one as my next project bike.
Dude, that's it! That's EXACTLY what I'm gonna do to mine! I'm gonna mix ALL 3 of these together to create the most awesomest motorcycle in the galaxy! WAIT! GALAXY! I'LL MIX GALAXY PARTS TOO!!! OMG, I GOTTA GET TO WORK!!!