Why Not change?


I know the busa is already in a league of its own, but with all the other builders making new bikes and new designs why does the busa not get a little performance upgrade. I know it is already way ahead of most of our abilities already but why doesnt Suzuki really make it even more amazing than it already is? Just a question really, but one that needs pondering.
majority of changes seem to be a result of direct competition between the classes. The busa is already King of the Street and until the speed wars start up again ( which I don't see happening for a long time) there just isn't much competition to force them to put too much more R&D into the best machine out there right now. Just my $.02
Well, I dunno. The 1k bikes (the new Kaw and the Zook) are edging into the 'Busa's performance territory, and I think there's going to be a new, bigger Blackbird out in the next year or so. Might be time for a bigger warp drive, ifyouknowhutimean... :super:
That could be true, but since they decided that they are gonna set the limit to 300 kph (approx 186mph) I don't think that they are gonna be searching for ways to make the bike faster just yet. Maybe some on the acceleration side of things but they are spending more time and money on the smaller class bikes that they sell more of for now.
Personally I don't want to see the Busa updated just yet> for those of us that already have one, an updated model just makes ours out of date.

I really don't think there is that much room for improvement anyway.
They might add stuff like they end up w/ on the honda lines... Get the power train refined to the point of no return, then work on the rest. Linked brakes, more adjustable features, supercharger, etc....

Things to get it to the edge quicker and "safer" :devil:
I hate to say it guys, but with the speed wars called off there in no reason for them to make our Busas any better at breaking speed records. That kind of devlopement costs money and unless you can point to sales figures and bragging rights at the end, there is no point in spending that money in the first place.

The Liter class bikes will eventually catch the Busa in terms of power and perhaps top speed. Or at least get so close that the difference is academic. All that and they will be lighter and more agile than they are now, which is awfully good and certainly more than our Busas.

So where does that leave the Busa? They can keep making the beast just as it is. They have certainly covered the expense of its development and manufacturing set up by now, so every sale is gravy. But at some point the Liter class bike will be right there in terms of performance, which begs the question, what is the point of the Busa?

Coming up with an answer to that question is what could drive the direction of changes to the Hayabusa. They might work on getting it lighter and more agile. But I rather doubt it. Then it starts to get to be more like the GSXR1000 and no matter the changes the Busa won't be able to compete with that track weapon on its terms. So lighter and more agile would only make the Busa competition for the better selling bike Suzuki already spends large sums of money on.

I think they'll go in the other direction. If top speed increases are no longer important. And the 1000cc bikes are in the same league of power and speed. Then the only way to go that makes sense is more comfortable. They'll make the Busa more humane for sport-touring. They'll want to keep the edgy looks that make the Busa stand out, but they'll alter the egonomics and make attatching luggage easier.

Oh we might see an increase in power along the way. More low end and perhaps some extra HP on the top for bragging rights. But they won't alter the top end restriction so that power will either not really get used or they'll alter the power band to give us more on the low end. Not a completely unpleasant thought!

Just my predictions.