why is my avitar so tiny


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I was told to get a bigger avitar I had to donate a certain amount of money. I did what I was supposed to and my avitar is still tiny.
I don't mean to be petty but you can hardly see my bike.


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How long has it been since your donation? Send a PM to one of the Mods/Admins and they can help you out.


Comin' back stronger than ever!
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(squirrel59 @ Sep. 08 2006,20:31) Thank you I was'nt sure who to pm so I sent to Rubbersidedown his box was full and would'nt take my message.
RSD is no longer an Admin/Mod on the board. Send it to VaBusa.


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My mom said a certain activity would make me go blind but I can still see...

Maybe it will make your avatar bigger?


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If you guys have donated and still have a smaller avatar, send me a PM and I will try to get you worked out... If I can't get you taken care of, then we can put it on VaBs' plate.
Now that I look at my Avatar it is small also. You know when you glance over and check the guy next to you, well I did and I noticed mine is smaller than average. I donated probably 1-2 months ago I guess
I would of thought something so minor as this would get put on the back burner. I am sure you have bigger and better headaches to deal with. Anyway THANK YOU!!!
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