Why I want a new jacket


my current jacket as pictured is a great jacket. it's in great shape and doesn't have any marks on it. I have no doubts in the strength of it or that it will protect me as best it can in the event of a fall, however after one encounter in Death Valley earlier this year I feel the need to get a different one.

My fiancé and I were playing cat and mouse with tour busses all day through the park. it was almost comical but we were typical tourists stopping all the time and checking out what we could see and all the cool little stores and sights. We pulled into this little rest area on the west side of the park just before we drop down into the valley.

She is in the restroom and I'm wondering around with my camera in hand and enjoying the entire trip, Death Valley has been a bucket list item for as long as I can remember and I am reveling in the fact that I am finally there and the tour bus pulls in. We have been seeing tour busses since oregon and it's second nature to us now. smile and wave and life is good. This particular tour bus made me feel horrible though. I am reading a plaque in the rest stop when I hear the doors open and a bunch of German speaking tourists start filing out, I turn to go back to my bike and face all of them directly. turns out it's a very old Jewish tour and my SS jacket front and center with a punisher T-shirt underneath definitely didn't go over to well. there was gasping and every one of them had horrified looks on there face. I promptly put my helmet on, zipped up and got in my bike waiting for my lady to return.

she was a little confused why I was was sitting, idling and waiting for her to go. I got in the intercom and told her the story as we pulled away. ever since I feel the need to replace it with something that doesn't portray me as a nazi.

Whats that little abbreviation I'm looking for....

O'ya, here it is.

GLWS (good luck with sale) :rofl:

Good story too Bro. I can picture the looks on their faces.

Good thing you dont look like me...(ugly old tattoo's and a shaved head).:laugh:

lol a Nazi? them SS jackets are sweet. I jus dont see the nexus at all! so if I own a Camaro SS does that mean I support Nazi Germany as well. if ppl are too stupid to think a jacket with SS on it means ur a Nazi lover then their just plain dumb!
if I were a new that probably lived through ww2 in Europe or had parents that did I would be a little touchy about that too. having a SS vehicle is a little different, well a lot different actually
They need to just get over it. What size do you wear, I have a couple of leather jackets, maybe we can swap.
If they are unintelligent enough to associate your leather with a 60+ year old alphabetical pairing then your jacket is the least of their problems. Wear it.
Pretty cool of you. Maybe try to carefully remove the two, black lines inside the white field, and then have Cap laser-cut something else that can be stitched in their place?
I say methodic and Bots should start up a gang and build a club house next to the local synagogue.:laugh:j/k

These old war wounds will fade a little more with each passing generation.I watch every movie and documentary on the wars that is available,but I don't think newer generations will share the same interest. Instead of watching anything factual on TV,these kids today would rather play Halo and those other shoot 'em up type games. My Dad fought in Italy,France,Germany etc in WWII,some real blood-baths,and then in Korea. Those stories have now died and lay buried with him in the ground.My kids never showed much of an' interest in hearing them.Right now with Vets and Holocaust survivors still living and breathing it easy to see how some folks would be offened if they thought you were some kind of Neo-Nazi. Heck,I'm offended by all those sick mutha f'ers along with the KKK,etc.

I wonder if my Dad noticed the shape of the "S" 's in all the Kiss posters I had on the wall.

Probably not,or he would have torn them down and punched me in the face.:laugh:



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