Why i never use dealerships


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The story goes like this:

I have a Zero Gravity DB windscreen. As I remembered it, I had replaced the stock screen and the new screen had just slipped in and needed only two screws to complete the installation. To make the story short--WRONG. I had not installed the DB screen, the dealership had. I had the original given to me and after looking at it I saw how the screen should be installed.

Jump to the chase. The screen was making an annoying buzzing rattle that had gotten worse over time, and having read how H.org members used electrical tape on the edges to silence their screens, I started out to do the same.

I took out the two screws and pulled. WTF, the wind screen would not budge. Upon inspection, there were two rubber grommets that were holding the screen. Confused, I removed two plastic rivets (now I knew I had never done this), and discovered that one of the two rubber grommets (that had brass internal threads) was reversed. After much hassle, I managed to remove the one that was installed backwards and re-install it.

You guess correctly if you think that putting in the grommets correctly solved the rattle problem. My point is: if a shop cannot install a windshield that requires only two screws for installation, what else can they NOT do correctly! The dealership, for the record, is YAMAHA SUZUKI OF TEXAS, 1505 W. Hurst Blvd., Hurst, TX (credit where credit is due).

My thoughts now? What else did they screw up before I got the bike. Can anyone give me a list of items that dealerships do to make ready a bike before the customer receives it? I would like to go over these items and look for something that might be a lot worse than a loose windshield.

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If its new, how about putting it nearly together  
. I knew you would love that answer  
. Better check most bolts, chain (tension), check the trueness of the rear wheel, seat bolts and front wheel bolts. I don't know how disassembled the Suz comes, but I know most Hondas need to have wheels and so on attached !

Just take your time and check the bolt items, chain an so forth, it want take long (maybe 30 min max) and you'll feel better  


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Scary- wonder if they take the "frankenstein" bolts of with pliers to take the back plastic off?

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