Why I hate O'Reilly Auto Parts

Went in there tonight (normally get great service there) but tonight went in for pads and rotors for our beater car. The guy there didnt seem interested in helping me or anyone else, but 20 minutes later, i had my parts and was out the door.

I get home, and i find that the azzhat gave me the wrong pads, wrong rotors, AND wrong hardware kit. I mean, come on now, they have a computer RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM to look this stuff up. I went to the website and NOTHING this douchenozzle sold me even matches up on the online listing for what fits my car.

Thank god they arent the only auto parts store in town.


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Chances are if everything was wrong there are couple possible parts for you car. He picked the most common one and gave them to you.
I am not a shy person. I would ask him, "Why show up to work if you dont wanna do your job?" And then wait for a reply. Sometimes you just have to speak up and let people know what your thinking. :beerchug:
There ARE two options for the car, based on build date. I gave him the build date and still got the wrong parts.

As for calling their hotline, that sucks too. LOL it isnt even a toll free number. What crappy all around service. Believe me, i dont mind calling it, its just pretty pathetic.

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wrong parts from an auto part store? :laugh:

I dealt with guys for years and years, always checked parts before the delivery guy left or at the store if I happened to be picking them up... Not the parts guy fault usually, manufacturers do some strange stuff to use up old stock when building cars...
computer could gave him the wrong info...happens here @ autozone quite often, and we all know that computer cross reference inventory #s are always right,even if they don't look like the parts that you just took off:whistle: I'm fortunate enough to have 1 knowelegable autozone guy that's an ex ford mechanic(that's all I have that breaks,the dodge still works:laugh:), I won't ask for anything if I don't see him there.


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Well just installed my 3rd fuel pump in one of my vans(same van) in the last 6 months. Got the parts from Autozone. Correct part. Part failed 1st time.It happens. They had no record of it. Recipet was in Tenn adn van in FL. After while and them pulling up a list of past parts bought there(lots),they gave us the pump and new receipt. My family was the only one that showed up in their computer system (last name).

1.5 months later... pump failed. Called parts store to see if had in stock. They did and had no record of us. WTF! Had to dig through a pile of receipts to find it. Had it here in Florida luckily.

Installed new pump van running fine now. Till pump dies again. Keeping the receipt in a handy place. Waiting on a call back from corporate to discuss the problem. Civil and polite of course. Mostly just to discuss the issues that occurred. Not looking to get anything,just possibly improve my future dealings with them.

Oh... I'd like to shoot the guy who invent in tank Pumps. :laugh: Van isn't that bad,but my Camaro..... whole Lotta work. :laugh:
update: they called me back, told me they were mailing me a $50 gift card, and they fired the guy who sold me the wrong parts.

I'm marginally impressed!


I don't use them due to advance being closer to me and they have two really good guys that are very helpful. I learned not to order anything unless they are there. Some parts store people are just the worse. I went to my local autozone to order a muffler flange gasket for my beater and dude assured me that the one he handed to me was right one and strong. I went home and put in on it and the gasket was in flames the minute I fired the car and left me with same exhaust leak. I went to advance auto and explain the counter kid my problem and he went digging through the shelves until he found a suitable gasket that would work with my aftermarket headers. $3 bucks later I had my car fixed!!! They won my business with that one. That was 11 years ago and they've taken a lot of my money since then. I have 7 vehicles to maintain in my family.


dammit! I cut my exhaust and all. Didn't realize it was a joke until the end..... I bought struts and shocks from Napa. Installed them and got ABS and traction control errors and a huge thud at every bump. Turns out one of the struts was bad - no gas in it. I was in a hurry so I had Tread Quarters fix it. They did a good job and were friendly and quick but it cost me $200 in labor and the strut. Took the bad strut back and discovered the guy gave me a strut that had already been returned. He said "Sorry". Basically he wasted my day doing it myself and the money I would have saved. Really pissed me off. BTW: I hate working on cars!!!!!!

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