Why Hayabusa is the best?


I know people might start jumping on me but I want a real impartial view/comparison between the 1000+ cc bikes.

My needs are mostly commuting, a few long California drives with spouse and weekend trips in the SF Bay area.

While, I love everything about the Busa, I wanted to see what you guys have to say about the super-sport R1 & GSXR 1000. They are more than a 100 lbs lighter than the busa and more agile(I guess).

Can you guys make an impatial list of the points which each of the above bikes' strengths and weaknesses?

e.g. Busa is heavy. Its slow on the curves.
R1 is uncomfortable for long tours. They are super-sport bikes mainly for racing.

I dont wnat a war... just your thoughts.
Goal Honestly I think that for what you have stated that you will use a bike for the busa is better.

Although heavier if your not canyon carving you won't notice it. The busa is well balanced and can turn with the best of them. She just can't carry as much corner speed. Comfort while commuting you can't beat it. Even the stock seat is comfortable. GSXR or R1 seats will give a passenger a but ache in a mile or so. More power with the busa for hauling a passenger as well. With the range of events that you have lined up I would say busa is best for you.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I've never riden the other bikes you asked about but I have put some miles on my Busa. I mostly ride to work which is 53 miles one way. No complants what so ever. Well maybe one you really have got to keep an eye on your speed. The Busa likes to cruse at 90mph. I have also taken it up inti the mountains. I may not go very fast but it is a lot of fun in the curves
busa has a longer wheelbase and is shorter in ht than an r1 or gxxr ,makes it more stable and easier to handle in parking lot
both busa and gsxr have very low gvwr if you are large and or your wife is too you will exceed weight limit on either bike.
short wheelbase also means lots of wheelies and stoppies whether that is plus or minus for you i dont know
Its exactly like you said. The majority of the 1000 cc bikes you mentioned are road race rockets. Steering geometry, weight, and wheelbase all designed for one thing. Road Racing! You trade those performance features in exchange for comfort both in a two up situation and in the ergonomics of rider positioning. Smaller tanks means less distance and the engine buzz from these light weight bikes can be felt in my opinion alot more in the wrist. Most of the bigger "Sport Touring bikes" won't suffer from these setbacks. But, there is a trade-off. Just take the positives from the 1000 cc bikes and no these will become the negatives on a sport tourer. Check some of these sites out for comparisons:
One last thing to remember: INSURANCE COST VARY GREATLY ACCORDING TO YOUR FINAL PURCHASE/SELECTION. Hope this helps............
I dont think I'll be doing much road racing. Here in the bay area, we have lots n lots of scenic drives where my wife & I will be riding. I'm not big, I'm just 5'8", 165lbs. My wife is petite. So I like the low-height, less wheelies/stoppies and rider long term comfort(which means happier wife who'll be buying it as a present). And also there is obviously the cool-factor going for the Busa a lot more.

So far the scales are a lot heavier for the busa. Also heavy bike is not a problem for me cos, my 750 Katana is about 461 lbs. dry.

Thanks for all your advice guys.
Jeez, where are all these women who buy bikes for thier husbands,?! And are there any more out there?

Seriously, though, it sounds like a 'Busa would be good for you for what you want to do.
If your usage is as you say, the busa is the hands down winner.

I've not ridden the Gixxer 1000, but I have ridden the 600 and 750 (comparable handling/geometry). I've ridden the gix 600 quite a bit.

For two up, scenic drives, the busa wins.

For agressive rides one day, and good commuting the next, in my opinion the busa wins again, which is why I have one.

If you are planning MOSTLY for aggressive rides, track days etc., I'd recommend a supersport over the busa.

I'll also say something I always say when someone asks this. If you reach the cornering limits of the busa on public streets, YOU ARE GOING WAY TOO FAST ON PUBLIC STREETS. I've had the busa to the point where it was sliding a little due to the weight (scared the tar outta me) and realized that it was INAPPROPRIATE speed. The busa can handle VERY well at FUN, but still sane speeds on public streets.

If you require cornering capability faster than that, hit the track. If you're cornering like that with your gal on back you're just plain loony.

Bottom line if ya want a race replica, I understand and respect that, but for public roads, the busa lacks very little in handling, because the differences at the limit are not really applicable.

Just my honest opinion.
I just realized you have a Kat750.


I moved up from a kat600 to the busa and it was awesome. Imagine the Kat (hopefully you kind of like it) with 3X the power, 3X the chassis, but the same basic genre of bike. In my opinion it is a natural progression.

If you get the busa you will be turning too tight for two weeks until you get used to the busa. The Busa turns VERY well, especially in comparison to the Kat.
I love the Kat as soon as it starts up. The engine sound is one of the things I love. The 2 things that I dont like are the low end torque and the cool factor. I dont get the kick in the butt when I accerelate on 1st or 2nd. And also, I kinda feel not so cool (read embarassed) when I pull up next to other cool looking flashy bikes & bikers. I guess both these problems will disappear with the Busa.
The Busa is an awsome road machine on long road trips it will not wear out the driver or passenger as fast as one of the liter bikes... My wifes has a 954 I took it for a ride last week after about 50 miles I was ready to get off, I had forgotten how spoiled I am with the Busa.. I commute on the busa 98 miles each way to work.. The Busa Smooth as glass.
I just purchase an '00 for $7100, I traded in my '99 R1 which I really liked. I just started riding in 2001, and started on an R1. Ive been a drag racer for years and Im 33 years old so Ive got the respect thing for bikes right from the start. I loved my R1 for speed and hanging out around town, but at 6'4" 250 lbs the R1 was killing my hips on long road trips. Ive done a few 350 mile days and the bike was killing me!!! I would drag my boots on the highway just to stretch them every 5 or 10 minutes. I was so crouched up on the R1 my knees touch my elbows while cruising. So the Busa was the next biggest thing out. I havent ridin it yet, picking it up this week but just sitting on it it definetely bigger. So im hopeful it will let me ride a bit more without so much pain. I undertsnad sportbikes are uncomfortable but I should be able to ride more than 10 mintues without hating to road trips. The R1 was a blast in corners so Im sure the Busa will take sometime to adjust to the extra weight but thats my 2 cents....turbo next year!!!
What everyone else said......sounds like you are mostly sport-touring. The busa is a fantastic bike all the way around, but I think it really excells as a canyon carving sport tourer. Buy a corbin rear seat and back rest for your lady and you roll down the entire coastline with no problem.