Why does this guy suck?


I have been having one big fat swollen problem with a neighbor that lives 2 driveways down, he has some cheap sportbike an older kaw500 or something, anyway he feels the need to rev the crap out of his engine at all hours of the night when coming home or leaving. I sent an anonymous letter 5 days ago that was very professional stating the he needs to have more respect for his fellow neighbors and yadayada you will be reported to police and HOA... but last night he did the same thing, came home at 11:40 rev rev, left at 4:30 waking me up and went all out up the street through 1st gear... this is getting old and has been going on since he got the thing about 3 weeks ago. Any thought on what course of action to take next, I have his address and license plate #. This is in a townhome community and he leaves the thing under a car port no garage. I have had several very bad ideas but karma is a btch...


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What a sad human being.

If he doesn't get the hint, I'd call for noise abatement assistance from your friendly LEOs.

Good luck, bro...


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Man just report it to the police and let them deal with it. My experiance is the squeaky wheel gets the grease


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How about going up to him and asking him to give you a break, that you work long hours and could he please take it easy on the throttle in the late nights and mornings.

If that doesn't work then I would call the cops....or open up a can of:



The thing that really tweaks me is that he is giving all us riders a bad image, I personally am as quiet and responsible as possible when driving through the neighborhood as I know it can be annoying to hear exhaust and people speeding especially when there are alot of children that live in the neighborhood.


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get a empty can of Parmesan cheese, fill it up with steel wool and then stuff it into his pipe


do you have an HOA, or something like that in your complex?
Yes but they would only send another letter, or bring the issue up at the next meeting.. so I dont know what good it would do to tell them, the only thing that would give that more power is if I had several people complain about the issue but I dont know alot of people around me.


I suppose another way to deal with it would be to pull out your Busa and roll it over to his place to see if you can strike up a conversation. Maybe doing so would stimulate some conversation in which you could subtly mention how you keep it quiet until you hit the street because you just don't want to deal with the angry neighbors. While you're at it, you could talk about his old bike and see what mods he'd like to do such as exhaust upgrades and a retro cafe racer style makeover..
Heck, while he's walking inside to get another beer, you could sabotage the bike somehow if he is a real douche. :whistle:


Good points Projeckt. If you take the direct approach, you can smack him upside the head if he doesn't want to cooperate. :laugh:


If an attempt to deal with someone rationally doesn't work then call the police and let them handle it. I would try to get it on video first though.


you could sabotage the bike somehow if he is a real douche. :whistle:
true but then im directly implicated, this guy seems like a real squid, when I got his plate # I was following him to the end of the street at a stop sign, he couldnt get it into gear or something and I was waiting then pulled beside him to turn since he wasnt moving, he killed the bike when he tried to take off then when he finally did take off it was like he drag launched into a right turn and couldnt even see of there was traffic coming around me, because I was blocking his line of sight from oncoming cars... I just thought to myself..idiot


i would tell him to his his face....

"is there anyway you could keep it down, you wkae me up when you leave".

a complaint from the HOA can be ignored..you can rationalize it as people just trying to kill your fun. but if you look him in the face and tell him he is waking you up. maybe he will understand....or he just be a total prick.

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