whoot! bike security for the cookie monster

it bolts in place of your caliper bracket. the axle slides through it and where yo usee the lock cylinder with a hole under it, well, is how the magic works:thumbsup:

RoadLok gives you a special locking pin that slides into the hole under the key hole. It has a spring loaded piston at the end of it that goes right through a hole on your rotor, thus immobilizing the rear wheel.

to remove it, insert the key, give 'er a twist and pull the lock pin.

I love it so far. i've tried to rock the bike back and forth and move it myself.....you find out how heavy the bike is real quick when it wont roll:rofl:


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very nice...between that and the Scorpio, i am not nearly as nervous leaving her for a while out of sight :beerchug:
Semi does your Scorpio drain your battery pretty fast? I had a buddy who had on on his busa and said it killed his battery after 2 or 3 hours.

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