Who wants to work on an org project?


Dis in my way!
Staff member
Hey guys,

Well if you are going to have a problem to have the one I have now is definately the one I want. I have received sooooo many pics from members that I have lost track and I dont know which pics are duplicates.. I have uploaded over 600 pics that need to be checked to see if they are duplicates and if not moved to the correct gallery... It's boring work but really needed. If you are interested please reply here....
I am on leave from the Marines for the next 30 days. Don't know how I can help but if I can I will. Just let me know what to do!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
OK guys thanks for stepping up to the plate... Can you guys send me your phone numbers so that I can (spam) you I mean call you? I really need to be able to explain what I need done over the phone.. It will make things soooo much easier. Its nothing that is rocket science, but if I can coordinate a few guys to move some pics around then this project can go much faster.... Thanks.

Send your names and numbers to captain@hayabusa.org and a convenient time for me to call you. If you just feel downright opposed to sending me your number then we can still work something out. I dont want to turn away free help. I need a lot working with this site.. I need to get this picture thing done so that I can get the videos back on line I have a bunch of new ones..

thanks guys