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What a ride! It's cold here today (50 or so) but sunny so I had some time and I wanted to take the Busa out for a quick spin. Got out the GoPro because I know you all love video and attached it to the tank. Off I went and about half way through the ride I started pushing things pretty dang far. I was flying and the bike was amazing. I was in a lean at 70+ and the GoPro flew off the tank! I stopper and went back but there was no sign of it - it's probably still filming in the bottom of the swamp. Hero 7 down, Arghhhhhh. I think the ceramic polish on the fairings is too slick for the suction cup. Now pissed, I was going even faster.

I love anything Rizoma. And what that has to do with anything is this: my new Rizoma mirrors are fantastically beautiful but like all things Italian they look much better than they work. I can't see chit out of them. Problem is you can't adjust them without a tool, so it sort of takes 2 people to get them perfect. Then when they get loose they move. Stay with me, this does have something to do with the story.

So I let up as I get to a populated area and I hear a siren and see the flashes of lights behind me. Never saw him back there. Cop comes up says do you know how fast you were going? I said yes sir, I just finished building this bike and I was taking it for a spin. He was really nice about it. He said he was doing 145 to catch up with me. I apologized and said that was pretty stupid of me. I was thinking how ironic it was to lose the GoPro and now get the bike impounded! He said the bike looks great, slow down. THE DUDE LET ME GO WITH A WARNING!

I am the luckiest Black man in America. Seriously. I'm probably on their map now. If they catch me speeding on those roads again they will throw the book at me.
You were lucky but WTH was he driving that goes 145? :laugh:

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I went for a blast today . . And got blasted with a 80kmh nor west wind!!
Covered about 200 kms and ended up at the Valley Inn Tavern in Heathcote Valley, used to be a really old pub but was rebuilt to new after the 2011 Earthquakes . .
Was a warm day with lightning and thunder this morning, a light shower and cleared and sunny at 1pm.... time to ride!!!






Temp mid 50’s
Total miles 70
No wildlife sightings

Got a ride in today, went and filled up the tank and used a loop to get some miles in while the weather was sunny/decent. Grabbed a few pics along the way. They are doing some road/bridge work on this back road it was funny to come upon this makeshift traffic light in the middle of nowhere. They were using this instead of a live body holding the stop/go sign, automation taking all the jobs... Stopped by a local lake the water level was really low. Tried to get a close up of the house across the lake up on the hill pretty nice.







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