Who makes the Best tank bag?

Who makes the Best tank bag? - can only cost one arm/leg!

  • Giva

    Votes: 65 100.0%
  • Chase Harper

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  • RKA

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  • Joe Rocket

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  • Eclipse

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Emgo

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Marsee

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Wolfman

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tour Master

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  • Other list in post

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Lets hear it..............Who makes the best. Tell me in your own words Who, Why, and How much? I personally like Giva.
I had researched bags quite a bit 2 years ago. Marsee is by far the best I could find. Why? Because it comes with rain covers that really work. My magnetic tank bag stays on at 180mph and so does the cover. The tail bag is excellent and the craftmanship rivals handmade leather couches. I will never buy anything esle.
I've got an Oxford that I'm really happy with. Magnetic bag with rain-covers and it does not slide around, even in heavy cross-winds. Nice bag.
Thinker, why do you hate tank bags? I know you like your bike to have that perfect show-room look, so I'll grant you they do ruin the lines of a good-looking bike.

As for me, I'm part pack-rat so it give me more space to carry junk. Plus, they're nice to lean on on long-distance trips, takes some of the weight off of your elbows and wrists.
It is all cosmetic. I think they totally ruin the look of the bike...any bike. I also like to carry stuff, but can't deal with that heap of crap sitting in front of me...just a personal quirk.
Tour Master! It lasts & lasts. Its on its 4th bike since 1993. I've also heard very good things about the Ox-fords!

ks-waterbug, that one I could deal with. It could carry small items like camera, PDA, cash, etc.
Thanks Thinker62, its the one I perfer and use everyday! small but practical and sleek enough to stay out of my way.
oxfor here also, tank and saddle. Had to buy a black sheepskin to lay over the back so the straps dont mar the clearcoat. Lotz of features for the money.
I like Icon's urban tank bag, it has strong magnets, not too big, not too small, has nice backpack straps that you can snap on quickly. It also has a flap you can strap you helmet into if you want to take it with you, but what it is really good for is strapping your jacket in so you dont have to carry that.
I use a triple expandable Nelson Rigg with 3 point strap mount . I forget the model but it's a fairly large one .

Nice one for the money and the zippers are tough . Had it overloaded many times . Something about a lifetime warranty . I didn't care for no more than it cost though .
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