Who likes oakleys???

Cuss I'm sellin em and have a inner store compation going on between me and three others, I have to sell glasses!!!!! CALL ME FOR PRICING!!!!
or PM me.

419-891-1230 ext 33


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I like the Oil Can..... Oil Rig

I'm not in need of a new pair yet......... but knowing me, I will!


Does the tint on the outer lens make you see in that color? I liked some out blue lenses, but don't want to see the world in blue. :whistle:
What style do you all wear? This deployment alone I have gone though 2 pairs of Mframes, 2 half jackets, and one flack jacket. Thank God the Army will issue me Mframes, but it sucks when the others get messed up or stolen!


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I love them; I just hated it when Oakley dropped the style I preferred! But will check it out!

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