who knows the answer to this question?


alright i am gonna try and figure out how to ask this question.. my bike has a hack job exhaust system with a 4 into 1 header into a single micron can...its a busa obviously..anyways the midpipe is strange cause it has an area for a sensor..is it an 02 sensor?..i have noooo idea where this midpipe came from..the whole exhaust is custom...ultimately i want to change the can on the back from the ugly micron (i hate it) i was wondering if i can slip a d and d stainless steel can for a gsxr 600 on it..is that possible? plz help me out
ps--i remooved the midpipe from the header and went to a shop with it..the 600 exhaust fit right into the pipe perfectly..
By area, do you mean a threaded hole like for a bolt plug?
I had slipon D&D on my Gsxr600 (K3) and on my Busa for awhile. I recall that the 600 pipe wasnt as large (the actual pipe outside diameter) as the Busa ones were. May be of no consequence, just a heads up
What kind of micron can do you have? I have a full micron system on my Gen I and I had to replace the can when the carbon fiber cracked.