Who is the oldest Busa rider on this site??


I am 62. Got my Busa right after my 60th birthday. I will never get rid of it. As long as I can still get my leg over the hump I'll be riding it. After that it will sit in my garage, to be started and run occasionally for the music and the memories.
One of the bikes I was considering before I bought my '04 was a really nice Copper '99 in Arizona. But it was already 'sold'. I told the guy that if the deal fell through to call me. Well, he called me in about three weeks - the buyer never followed through. Unfortunately I'd already got the '04. We talked a bit on the phone and he told me that he was actually happy to keep it a little longer; he really didn't want to sell it but his wife was insisting. Seems that she thought he was getting too old to be riding it and that he probably looked silly on it! I asked him his age and he said 76!! I told him that anyone who is riding a Hayabusa at the age of 76 is definitely NOT SILLY! They are about as cool as they come. I told him to tell his wife to pound sand and keep the bike and ride it until the day he dies! He assured me that he would. Hope he's here somewhere...


58 here... I have an 08 blue Busa. I still have my 78 KZ1000 that I bought in 79. I believe someone several posts back mentioned that when they can't ride any more the bike will won't be going anywhere. I second that... I'll keep them clean and waxed. They will have their place in the garage and we'll drink beer and tell many (slightly):whistle: embellished stories...


Wow! Great to see a lot of riders my age out there! 53 here on a 2005 modded and still a beast with over 33k miles. I plan to ride a Busa until my body says it can't anymore!


I will be 67 in Sept. The only problem I have is once in awhile I have to stand upright on the pegs when I get a crick in one of my hips. I can usually alleviate it by doing this. Other than that I plan on riding Busa until my health or my wife says "no more". I usually get a reaction when I remove my helmet and they see a guy with grey hair and wrinkles. Usually get a thumbs up too. You're only as old as you feel. I can still feel pretty well.


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Pretty sure Vabs is the oldest one here. :poke:
It's easy to get "oldest" and "wisest" mixed up when you're as dumb as Bots. We usually just pat him on the head :goodboy: and tell him he's doing a great job so he doesn't feel bad about himself. He's so sensitive.

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