Who has used DELKEVIC parts?

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I need a front wheel for my 2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200. I have looked and looked. I got to ebay and there are lots of wheels from this company called DELKEVIC. Black and polished wheels. I Googled, and went to sites that I visit
and did searches for the name DELKEVIC. Nothing came up. I did find the D name on SV and GXR sites, most was for exhaust pipes. Today I called DELKEVIC to inquire about where the wheels are made(China). How safe they are and was told that they sell a lot of wheels to the Hayabusa crowd.

Do you know anybody that has used D wheels or parts?

I am asking because I don`t want to order something that is a piece of crap.


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I bought my 06 GSX-R1000 stock upper fairing stay replacement from him (her?). It was a Motobracket. The seller was super fast and I received the product within 3 working days. The bracket fits fine except for the bottom part that will need to be grinded down a little bit in order for it to mate properly with the frame. Other than that, a pretty reliable seller.

As far as the wheels go, I can't tell you for sure. Good luck though.


Anyone have any experience with the Delkevic wheels? I'm need to replace mine and also want to ensure that they are good. Not everything that comes from China is crap by any means so I don't want to not go with them just because of the manufacturers origin.

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