Who has served in the U.S. Armed Forces?


Served 1991-1996, Ft. Sill Oklahoma and Bamberg Germany.

MOS: 82C Field Artillery Surveyor

Vets ROCK. :bowdown:

They turned Ol' Rubb down for service.

Told me one Gomer Pyle was enough. :laugh:

Well I'm still serving so hopefully that counts for something.

USAF 2004 -
2871E - Integrated Avionics on Cargo Airframes.
US Navy Engineering Chief Warrant Officer. Been serving since 1987 and still going strong. Got about 4 years before I pack up the Busa, RV, Wife, and head for every twisty road from Alaska to Mexico!!!
USAF 1982-2010
SMSgt retired

Continuing service with the DoD.

Nuclear Weapons Specialist and proud Cold War, Strategic Air Command (SAC), NATO and Air Combat Command Warrior

B-52 Stratofortress, PA-200 Tornado, B-2 Spirit, Short Range Attack Missile, Air Launched Cruise Missile, B61, B83, B28, Advanced Cruise Missile, Minuteman III and Peacekeeper Missile.
U.S. Army National Guard 1998-present 88M Iraq (06-07) and Afghanistan vet and I just got back from Afghanistan on May 31 of this year 12N 857th En.Co.

US Navy
Aviation Electrician Mate Second Class
HM-15 & VQ-3
Presently a civilian contractor for the Army Kandahar Afghanistan.