White smoke

she has yoshi pipes on now but i would really like to do some stubbys on something like this (Coffman's Shorty Exhaust Suzuki Hayabusa Duals 1999 2007 | eBay). The guys that toke her apart say that everything looks i assume that they toke the whole thing apart ( i dint get the call) but i will be going in the morning to discuss it more with them. i was think maybe a turbo...:whistle:

once i find out how the oil got there then maybe, i did some reading and it seems oil in the air filter sometimes happens when they are dropped
Find out why and how the oil got there. Also, Might as well go aftermarket filter and put some new pipes on her. I have a couple pair for sale............ :whistle:

Maybe it already is an aftermarket air filter... a K&N and that would explain the oil. Maybe there was just too much of it?
might be a good time to change the plugs also. Id give the whole bike a going over. Trust nobody with your life. learn to do your own work, trust me it's not as hard as you think. this sight will help you dearly. Sounds like bike was overfilled with oil, or lay on her side for some time. Its never been raced means it's been beat up on. Id rather hear an owner say it's been serviced well with proof of service, but you live and learn.
marble mod- K&N filter- Power Commander if u aint got one... besides that- hold on and let her rip!