White Mountains in New Hampshire


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What's up fellas? We are going there for the first time and I will appreciate it if you guys can tell me where to stay that's not too expensive, what to see, etc. If you need to talk to me about it, I'll be more than willing to give you my #. I would also like to meet fellow .org members if I can. We're planning to be there on the first week of July. Thanks fellas.


There's lots of places to stay in Upper Conway, NH. at the base of MT Washington. Bed and Breakfasts are the best.


Can't tell you where to stay, but I sure am jealous. Used to ride that way when we lived in the Boston metro area back around 1990. You have some exquisite riding ahead of you!


Any of the Conway area will be slightly more pricey, but its something you'll never forget.

But since you asked for my opinion, i think you should stay in the Lincoln area. Do yourself a favor and take HWY 112 (kankamagus HWY) across to Conway. VERY VERY beautiful ride and theres a hairpin turn that'll knock your sox off.

I havent confirmed my plans as of yet, but me and 2 or 3 of my buddies might be going there on Jul 31 and then hop, skip, jump over to Maine for the land speed event happening in Loring on Sat and Sun. (Aug 1 and 2)

Either way, you'll never forget it.
If you ride I-93 North be careful. About 20 minutes before you get to Lincoln you come across a Mountain face and be so caught up looking at it you wont realize that the cross winds are trying to push you off the left lane shoulder that drops about 40 feet down!!!
Ask me how i know ..... :rofl:
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