Which rear hugger to buy?


What rear hugger should I buy??? The NTS carbon fiber one looks nice but is pricey. I do not want to drill holes into my swingarm or anything. Comments please? thanks!
The carbond fiber is very pricey and it would look great with your silver. If you dont buy that find a used hugger maybe and have it painted. I dont believe you have to drill holes in your swingarm, but I have never installed one before. If I had to drill holes I would do without the Hugger.

Same thing with Frame Sliders. I was going to install some on the Busa until i found out that you had to drill holes in the fairing. NO WAY!!
I like the N-W-S Hugger, I ordered one from http://www.carbotex.com/ this is the Carbon Hugger ($199).  I purchased the standard hugger ($125), which comes painted gloss black.  I’ve ordered some paint from http://www.color-rite.com/ and will be painting the hugger and tail eliminator Metallic Galaxy Silver paint code YM6.


The N-W-S hugger does not require any drilling into the swing arm.  I had to modify part of the hugger near the forward part of the chain guard; it was rubbing against the chain.
Puck- So your ordered both the carbon fiber AND the gloss black???? What is the difference in the thickness of the materials between the 2? i only need to buy one and just want to know which to go with. thanks!
I have the standard gloss black hugger; I plan on painting it Grey. The standard hugger is made of fiberglass. The carbon hugger does look nice, but since I'm painting it, no reason to buy the carbon. I will post a picture after I paint it.

You don't have to drill any holes with the NWS hugger. The left side attaches to the swing arm with the same holes that were used for the chain guard. The right side uses a bracket that connects to the right spool tap.