Which mini tour?


I have 4 days off (including Sat. & Sun. of the weekend) towards the end of the month. I am going to use all of the time for a little mini tour. I just have not decided if I want to do a SouthEast Tour or go West. This is not about going anywhaere to hang out, finding the twistiest roads or anything else but covering a lot of ground in 4 days. I ran the Gap earlier this year and will do it again in Oct. What I want to do is one of these 2:

1. SouthEast US tour. I live in eastern Ky. I'd like to do a run taking in all of the southeast states, VA, NC, SC, FL, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, AR, and maybe MO. I know not all of these are the traditional thought of the SouthEast, but anyway, thaose are the states I'd visit. Kind of a just passing through to say I rode there kind of thing. I'd leave Thurs. night after work and run south through VA, TN, NC to my sisters in SC. Then Fri. cross over into GA heading southeast toward the gulf coast, tagging FL before hitting Mobile, Gulf Shores and then N'Awlens. Sat. Would be a quick run to the TX border, turn around and head back and north to AR and Memphis. Sun. would see the MO bootheel before crossing back into Ky. and taking my time to get home by late Mon. Possible side trip to other states possible Sun./Mon.


2. Just head West as far as I can go for 2 days, turn around and come home. Probably could make CO.

I have not ridden out west other than a Hardley rental in Vegas. Otherwise the farthest west I've been on a bike is about 20mi. past West Memphis, AR. I have ridden in most of the SouthEastern states, but not all of them. I'd like to turn wheels in all 50 before I die. So just trying to decide what to do. Your suggestions? Other thoughts were to head north to Canada or run to Key West.

What are your thoughts? Suggestions?
If you come west to CO. the weather could be a little cool. It could just as well be perfect though. The mountains are starting to get a little uncomfortable at altitude but it is not too bad. I don't know if I could meet you for a ride but maybe we can work something out and get thunderpants to come along.
Head as far N East as you can go VA PA CT RI VT NH ME NY NJ. Sice I missed you when I came down your way.
Run the Blue Ridge Skyline to VA then go back taking all the (major) drop off's.

By the end of Sept. the Mountains in the west can be unforgiving. West tours are best June - Aug.
Run the Blue Ridge Skyline to VA then go back taking all the (major) drop off's.

By the end of Sept. the Mountains in the west can be unforgiving.  West tours are best June - Aug.
What do you mean by unforgiving? Just getting colder with rain or is snow a real possibility at that time? As long as I don't run into snow/sleet/ice, I'm not too worried. I figure a torrential downpour can happen anytime causing mudslides or what ever. I have electrics and good riding gear for the cold/wet.

I want to stay away from the BRP at that time, too many leaf watchers going way too slow with too many park rangers looking for speeders. Speedlimit on the BRP is like 45 the whole way. Oh and the bicyclists with a support car rolling at 15mph through the blind corners isn't fun either.
Tour #1 sounded good or what about an Iron Butt 1k to New Orleans and let the butt decide the route home. Just kidding, hope you have a great trip. Like the idea of hitting lots of states.
Sounds to me like your southeast tour would be a lot more fun. Driving across the great plains gets really boring.
Did 1k in 22hours 1 minute on saturday. Watched a MLB game (Reds v. Cards) in the middle (3.5 hour break).

I still can't decide, but I may have to cancel the trip for other reasons.
Trip is on. I'm doing the southeast tour, but not leaving until Friday, so I'll do Ky to SC and then cross to N.O. in same day (about 800+mi). 2 days of work before I go - I can't wait
I'm back. Day one was 1010mi. in almost 19 hours. I hit every southeastern state in less than 18 hours - Ky, Va, Tn, NC, SC, Ga, Al, Fl, Miss, La.

I was dehydrated from day one so I didn't go on to Texas Saturday. Instead, I stayed in New Orleans and re-hydrated myself. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Now at this point, I had not seen another Hayabusa on the road. When I got about 100 miles north of Jackson, Miss., on Sunday, I saw an orange 40th anniversary busa. Then in Memphis, I saw several busas around Beale Street. Probably like 5-7 different ones, but not sure if I just didn't see the 2 again. Anyway I saw busas! Saw another on I-65 somewhere around the Mammoth Cave area in Ky.(I think) on Monday.

Anyway, it was a fun trip. And the busa was flawless.
Are you going by yourself?  Good luck and be safe!
I was solo the whole time except for the ride from Jackson, Miss. to Memphis. I rode that leg with a friend from another site who has a FJR.
He was able to keep up with you?
Considering that I didn't want to get a ticket, I don't have a radar detector, and I was not in a hurry... Yes. He actually led half of the time.