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Looking into subscribing to a magazine for sport bikes and was wondering which you guys like. I have bought cycle world, motorcyclist, etc.. at one time or another, but not enough to get a good opinion on which one I would like for the long term.


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I think it depends on what you're interested in. There are several types of bike magazines you could get. For example, I'm more of a touring rider so "Rider" and "Motorcyclist" are the ones I subscribe to that apply to someone who packs a bunch of gear and heads out to tour. I also subscribe to "Motorcycle Consumer News". But I also pick up the occasional bike magazine that looks interesting or has something specific to the broad area of interests I have.



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Sport Rider, Motorcyclist, RacerX...depends a lot on the type of bikes and riding
that YOU like


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I take Cycle World and Motorcyclist. I like Motorcyclist better, but some months CW is very good too.
I like sport rider for most of my interests. I have alot of supscriptions cause I get bored easy but Sport Rider is probably the best "corporate" mag. Super Streetbike is pretty good for stunting and such. I also have 2wheeltuner which is mostly blinged out busa's and an occasional racebike replica-the whole reason I get the mag (i'm not a fan of "show" bikes really) Motorcyclist is OK but more for the responsible older riders. I also get Transworld motocross, Quad, and DirtRider for my off-road needs. I just recently got Playboy cause it was $9.95 and am completely dissapointed with it, not going to renew. I can't stand Maxim or Stuff either.


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I heard Squid Magazine was a good read (how to race in traffic, mountain-side wheelies, and cliff-top stoppies). They lost all of their subscribers oddly enough...


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Sport Rider is the only one I subscribe to
, all the others I check out first at Hastings since most months they're nothing but trash and goofie articles on some rediculas  bike

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