Which is the best bike


I'm new to bikes, just wondering which of these is better? Which is faster, better handling, brakes, power, acceleration...

you know, the usual stuff
If you’re new to bikes, stay away from the Busa, its FOR experienced riders only. No kidding! Get something with a lot less power. If its a sports bike your after, start out on about a 600cc.
? how did it double up. Don't know if its true, but heard that newbies that get a Busa live about 37 days?
Well....... lets see.......I guess I would have to say the Hayabusa would be best in all of those catigories.
OK I have to say I love my Busa but I couldnt put it in the best in all of those catagories . No offense Hank but you can kill yourself just as fast on a 160 MPH GSXR 600 as on a Busa . I would have to say it depends on alot of things which is the best bike for you . I recommend first you take a safety course and I dont know about your state but mine gives out permits with no actual time on a bike No poop the class is all lectures . I reccomend a good bikers of america course or if you are buying a sportbike maybe a california superbike class you dont have to race to appreciate all of the things they teach you and if anything happens it teaches you not to panic not to get object fixation( if you stare at the side of the road thats where you are going look around the corner) and lots of good stuff . Pick a bike thats comfortable to you I have ridden alot of bikes and read alot of articles I am a suzuki fan all the way although the R1 is a very good bike the GSXR 1000 is better get something you feel good on the 600 750 and 1000 all use a very similar if not the same frame brakes etc the 1000 has more power obviously as much as I hate to admit it I have realized that a rice rocket has almost no resale value so if you buy a new 600 plan on taking a huge hit on it when you try to sell or trade it I would get something you wont outgrow in a year or 2 the Busa is best comfort long haul way better than anyting else I have ridin in a sportbike handles great brakes great I dont care fopr the clutch ( I am going to upgrade that) but the reat is top notch 2 up riding great (I am 6 foot 4 tall 260 pounds ) you should see me on a GSXR600 hehehehe I look like a monkey fuckin a football . Anyway if you are serious sit on some see what you like the footpeg and handlebar position of
Ever hear of periods (.) race?

As far as which is better, its just opinion. Choose the bike which fits your needs. Completely ignore the speed issue, im very serious. Since your new, you shouldnt concern yourself with speed :hammerhead: . The R1 would be best at handling. I really cant tell you which is faster at acceleration between the Busa and the ZX-12(I am assuming you mean the 1200R, other than that, the busa is better). When considering power, its hard to tell. The busa is the most stable tho, of any bike i have ever been on.

First thing you should do if your going to get a high performance motorcycle is take a MSF course, I get 10% off my insurance for taking it too. Then just go to dealerships and simply sit on the bikes, find one that is comfortable. For me, the busa fits perfectly. Plus, I like the confortable seat on the busa, The ninja 12R has a really really hard, thin seat.

Pick something you dont expect to get tired of also :hammerhead:
No periiods for me odyssey I cant type a tenth as fast as my busa goes even if I leave out all of the punctuation. hehe I give you a bunch in this one though lol ............
Buying a sportsbike is always a challenge (until you own a busa). If you have no experience think about a low cost good used bike to gain some experience on. And once your confidence is built and you determine what kind of rider you are gonna be (streetracer -trackstar-communer-distance rider-cafe runner-canyon carver) you can run out and buy a new bike.

If you get on of the one's you mentioned just make sure you watch the throttle hand, because these bikes have more power than you have skill to handle, and more speed than most experienced riders have courage.

Oh visit your local motorcycle salvage yard and look at the number of new R1, Busa's, and 1000's it may sober you up to know what these bikes look like in the hands of the unexperienced.

As always its your choice

I agree with dezzy I'm 30 and been riding since I was 8.

Start slow take your time and progress with your experience.
Buy a nice used bike and learn the basics.

I had 621 miles on my first sportbike in '93 when a drunkdriver gave me 14 broken bones and 1 broken bike.(FZR600)
Here we go again. First time bikers, NO BUSA. All you guys who ride know dam well what you will try, you think a new rider won't try the same things? Every rider is different, that is correct, but you know what you will do sooner or later. out growing bikes is a good evolution, and worth the money, that is how you know you got better. Stay safe gang, please don't encourage new riders to grab onto a Busa because you can.

Once again I recommend a used bike for at least a year or 5-10 K miles, get comfortable with the general dynamics and feel of riding, take a safety course. A good all around bike that has plenty of guts and after market hop up products available is the Suzuki SV 650.

Have FUN!!!!!
 I agree with Hawaii, a SV 650 is a good starter.  Do you guys read Motorcyclist?  They have the test results for all these bikes.  

Adil, you wouldn't give a 16 year old with a new license a Viper would you?  Same Same

Welcome to motorcycling, be careful!
Buy a Katana 750. I've had a dozen bikes including the Kat. An excellent beginners bike. No one makes the "best" bike. They all have goood points and bad. The r1 is awesome. Everyone seems to forget the cbr 954 which has exact performance quarter mile top speed, everywhere. I've always preferred Honda. Forget the r1. Don't forget the gsxr 1000 . It's faster than both. But these 3 are in a class that is not for beginners anyway. 37 days my ass. I give a newbie with a busa 37 minutes. The Katana was great. Some of you might laugh but it had comparable performance to the 600s. Was way more comfortable and had decent handling. Perfect beginners bike if u ask me. Definitely not a busa, unless u want to put a throttle stop/goverenor on it. Good luck. Read some magazine tests, there's a lot of good stuff in cycle world. Very accurate and honest reviews.That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
The attitude that "the Busa is not for beginners" will be taken as condescending by the new guys, but it really is truth.

To add to the anology, student-pilots and low-time general aviation pilots DO NOT fly aircraft that are unforgiving with high stall speeds and heavy wing loading. These new pilots fly high wing Cessna 150's and then usually graduate up to a 172 or better, but AFTER experience is gained. That's not being condescending to the new pilot, it's an effort to protect them and keep them alive.

And fear not, the best part is that you can have one HELL of a lot of fun in those Cessnas. Trust me.
It's all up to how you handle the throttle. If you really have to jump to a Busa, keep the throttle tame and slowly get used to the bike over at least a number of months. Cautiously increase rpm's/speed as you feel cautiously capable. It isn't a mysterious machine if (BIGGGG IFFFF) you have enough discipline to only crank it at the right times in the right places and have good sense.

If you have more wild hairs than brains then you better buy a 250cc and work up slowly. :hammerhead:

Even if you are cautious (this should enable you to keep living), buying the Busa as your first sport bike will greatly inhibit your carving abilities and slow your carving progress and general riding skills, etc. However, if you have to have a Busa, buy it and take it real slow. Tons of self-control required! :whip:
OK I dont want anyone to misunderstand me. I beleive if you are going to hold a Busa to the bar than you are going to hold your SV650 to the bar too. Reselling a used sportbike sucks you dont get anything for it I would highly reccomend a used beater bike to start learning on so if you drop it no great loss, drop a new busa and see what it costs you and I reccomend a good bike school to teach you all of the stuff you cant pick up on your own. My point was a 600 GSXR small beginners bike will flip easier in a wheelie give you a sense of being immortal when riding just before it high sides you. They will run up over 150 MPH . Maybe I am wrong but I still think the most important thing is ride within you limits and knowing your limits
I understand all you guys who are saying that new bikers should be careful about getting onto powerful bikes. I agree, but it's actually worse for me, cuz I'm from Quebec... (I should probably be considering a dirt bike or ATV rather than a supersport cuz the roads SUCK!!!)

Anyways, I have no intention of riding without learning. I plan on learning to ride well, and I have no intention on pulling any stunts such as wheelies or the likes... I just plan on getting from point A to point B FAST!!! hehehehe but not just yet, just doing some research on these bikes, cuz I searched the internet, but found no useful information.

Thanks to all who replied
the kat was my first bike 3 years ago i'm 17 know and i still dont know most of the stuff you need to become an experinced rider but in 2 years i'm settin out on a road trid on the busa my dads getting me, i've also been riding since i was 11 on dirt so i can say i'm somewhat experienced but i agree with everybody dont go with speed right now go for handling and stability it will help trust me.
This board is excellent! It's good to see so many different opinions expressed!
My first bike was a Kwaka km100 in 1984. Back then that thing was a demon for an 11 yr old kid!
It saw nothing but dirt, sand, and water, and never skipped a beat!
I have been riding a Katana GS550M for the last 2 years, as it had been about 2 yrs since I had ridden a street bike in any sort of traffic, but am preparing to buy a Busa early next year! Yes it is a big step from a conventionally aspirated 550 to a fuel injected busa, but.. I think that just because the power is there doesn't mean you HAVE to use it! (yet. lol!)
I want a bike that I will be happy with in 5 yrs.. I think the Busa fits the bill!