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i read an article recently... cant remember where or how i found it..

The guy who designed the busa... he was going to do a whole redesign, but decided not to because of how loyal and angry the busa followers would be if it was that much different.. so he just changed a few things... made tweaks here and there etc... and i think it was a smart move. This bike is a classic.
I believe that is exactly what you read but the guy that is quoted in the article

They COMPLETELY...COMPLETELY redesign the gsxr 1000 from the frame up
every 2 years and it still looks like a gsxr. They "redesigned" the busa and it
"looks" more radically changed than the gsxr, completely screwed the pooch on
the tail. So step 1 of that theory is out.

Everytime I read about a newly designed bike, I read how the new frame is
X amount % lighter and yet adding "x" % of being stronger. Not on our bike,
they went cheap. Should they have redesigned the frame, not much of it
would have been seen anyway plus I doubt a lighter, stronger frame would have
"angered the loyal busa owners." But that would have cost money.

They took the same approach as the frame with the "unseen" motor as well.
Use the same block and add 20 horses...Coulda shoulda woulda went with a
1400+ cc motor, hit 200 rwhp, kept the compression low (making it turbo ready)
and still used 87 octane. Again, doubt that would have angered the loyalists.
But that would have cost money...

The brakes still arent as good as the units on the 14 that has been out for
3 years.

Don't let them kid you, they didn't not give the Busa the full update treatment
because they were afraid of p'o' off the busa owners...it was ALL ABOUT MONEY.

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