which gen should i buy


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Gen 1, and spend extra money on ohlin suspension and lighter wheels, brake lines. It will kick gen 2 ass to the moon.
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The Big Red One

in the economy price is a Big deal. I'm bigger 6-4 235. I'm set on a busa for the touring / sport bike possibilities. But i was told that the newer gen turns alot better. that and the whole mode thing is a bonus because not only for rain help but it will let me grow into the bike.
Are the second gens that much better or more the same.

Is it worth the extra money to buy a 08 w/1000miles for 8400 or buy a older one for a few grand less.

any insight is great. thanks in advance
It depends what you're looking for in a bike. If you're wanting the ultimate performer the gen2 is the one to get. But the gen1 is also a VERY quick, very nice handling bike as well, and with a few bolt on mods will run like a gen2. So if moneys a big factor I'd say pick up a clean, low mileage gen1. If you can afford it and want the best version of a busa, get the 2nd gen :thumbsup:
Gen2 has slightly stiffer fork springs, other than that, the geometry, e.g. rake, trail, wheel base and suspension components are the same as the gen1.


Hmmmm I guess the fact the forks on the gen 2 are bigger in diameter makes them the same also?

cheaper to swap in a gen2 than have a shop build you a motor

or keep the low CR motor and enjoy riding it on 87 octane


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There seem to be supporting reasons on both sides of this issue. I do think that the more you retrofit and invest in either, the more sense it makes to stay with it. I wouldn't trade my Gen I for a Gen II...straight across. But the reason is that I have more in aftermarket than the whole bike cost me new! One of the things that I love about my Gen I is that it's significantly lighter than a Gen II. I'm not sure I could get a Gen II as light as my Gen I (aluminum subframe, overall weight, etc.). I'm in at about 480 lbs right now and don't see how to bring a Gen II that low....maybe I'm wrong but in any case, I think you can get to a point that almost everything about your personal bike is superior to anything OEM so, why change?
I think it's incredible that I'm riding a NINE year old bike that can gain so much attention and respect amongst new equipment! I know of very few bikes that have such a timeless quality to them.
Long live this Hayabusa! Raydog




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More Hp
Better brakes
Better suspension
Better handling

If you can get over the ugly tail, [witch im starting to like]

Gen 2 is better choice!


either, sounds like that is a good deal on a gen 2 though.... but I am not all on the big gen 2 kick, I guess if you are a stocker type rider then ok its more power in a stock package, but like me I have to change everything so my gen one has yet to meet a gen 2 even close in comparison ( " beauty is in the eye of the beholder".) but personally I think the back end of the new busa is horrible but once again just personal preference,. everything is pretty equal, handling is the same you are a newer rider and most handling comes from experience (and BALLS) so go for what fits your budget. so good luck and you will love whatever you get


GenII is obviously a step above the GenI, would you expect anything less of a new bike? If you'll never tap into the true potential of either bike, which one do you buy? I have an '06 and constantly asked if it's a new bike by people that don't know but then there are those who know bikes and love/respect the GenI. Some folks always got to have new, the latest and greatest, for bragging rights I guess. ??? That said, I guess it boils down to what you like as far as looks and what you can afford.
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i read an article recently... cant remember where or how i found it..

The guy who designed the busa... he was going to do a whole redesign, but decided not to because of how loyal and angry the busa followers would be if it was that much different.. so he just changed a few things... made tweaks here and there etc... and i think it was a smart move. This bike is a classic.


Had a 07 blue then had a 08 orange and black,now I am back to a 06 le and will not go back to a gen II.I have had both and had the money to buy whichever one I wanted and in my opinion I love the gen I.


IMO the mode selection is just a waste of time. If you smooth on the throttle nothing stupid will happen. The bike doesn't go from zero to Hiroshima with a slight movement of the wrist. I played around with the mode selector on my first hour on the bike and have never touched it again. I am sure most guys on here would tell you the same. It is a frickin animal though when you wind her up. Hayabusa is just such a sexy creature. I still get goose bumps looking at her after not riding for a couple of days. A big guy like you needs a hardy steed to cavort about on...she won't disappoint you..just respect her powerband and you'll fall deeply in love...As to Gen I or Gen II...I have a Gen II and she is the cat's arse...smooth, powerful, sexy...I love Suzuki gearboxes and engines. You can track day her, make her into a bagger, tour with her, drag her...no limits to this bike.

Hayabusa bagger install 07-09 008.jpg

Infineon Trak Day 10-23-08 019.jpg


Well I can honestly say I am the oddball on this subject. I have experience with both of these bikes and I ended up going the opposite way as most people. I've had a 03 busa since I bought it brand new. I've put 26000 miles on it and I totally love that bike. When the new 08's came out a good friend of mine bought one and I was instantly jealous. I got a chance to ride his a few times and LOVED it! But then I began noticing I think it was more of the "new busa" feeling and not so much that I liked the new bike better.

I noticed on the new one that the brakes are better than a gen 1 busa but I have a set of galfer stainless steel lines on mine and hh composite pads and that pretty much took care of that advantage. To me they are pretty equal.

I thought that the new tail looked good at first but the more I looked at it the old style just looked better to me and with a good undertail on a gen 1 looked a lot better.

The guage cluster on the new one is a lot nicer but after having my gauges done at bluegauges I still think I like my 03's cluster just as much aside from the built in gear indicator that definitly is a plus for the gen 2.

The riding posture on the gen 1 suits me a lot better than the gen 2. The gen 2 seems to have a more rider forward gixxer type feel to me. I like the flat ride better so the gen 1 fits me better as far as that goes.

Now as far as the extra power goes yes stock the gen 2 is more ballsy but after putting the full akrapovic with a pc on my 03 they are dead even it seems. Now yes if you do the same mods to the gen 2 it will be faster again but its just not enough to justify me getting rid of my 03.

I guess basically after riding both I am just saying that the only differences on the gen 2 as opposed to the gen 1 are small things that can be fixed with some modding on your part. So if you genuinly think there is that big of a difference between the two bikes then go for the new one. But if you find a good price on a low mileage gen 1 and don't mind a little wrench work I would still pick one up. They are badazz bikes and still hold their own VERY well in my opinion.

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