which gen should i buy


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in the economy price is a Big deal. I'm bigger 6-4 235. I'm set on a busa for the touring / sport bike possibilities. But i was told that the newer gen turns alot better. that and the whole mode thing is a bonus because not only for rain help but it will let me grow into the bike.
Are the second gens that much better or more the same.

Is it worth the extra money to buy a 08 w/1000miles for 8400 or buy a older one for a few grand less.

any insight is great. thanks in advance


Newer is usually better.
I would price out a Gen I vs a Gen II and then see what mods you could do to the Gen I with the difference.
Just me.




i have a gen one and i love it, BUT i have rode a gen 2 and i really want one. it's a better bike. i think an 08 with 1k for 8400 sounds like a real good deal. the only plus i can think of for the gen ones over the gen 2's is maybe a little more custom products but not much, more colors, with boost or nos lower compression in the motor may be a plus, and some like the tails for the gen ones better.

if i were you, i would get a gen 2


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if you can comfortably afford the gen 2 i would go with it, unless you find a gen 1 with a detailed history.....i bought a 99 instead of coughing up a few grand for a newer bike (also did this for insurance reasons...) but have ran into more than my share of headaches. if the 08 is in good condition, grab it and enjoy the ride!! mod down the road....or wait as long as you can, but once you read a post about it....the mod bug festers....

either way pics :rulez: and :welcome:

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I think the tails on the Gen 1s to look alot better. Yeah, the Gen IIs have a bit more technology, but those tails just look a little funky to me. IMO
But then again, you arent set-on a Busa for its looks. It sounds like you might enjoy the Gen II to me.

scotty - 12

Both are great bikes. Depends on price you can get a Gen I for. The Gen II has extra 15-20 hp and a bit better handling/braking. But unless you are a very experienced rider - may not make a diff. Plus mods/parts are cheaper for Gen I. I had 2 Gen Is and they were both great bike = flawless. My Gen II has 9K miles and also flawless.


I have a Gen I. Bought it in May of 2007 right before the first pictures of the Gen II were leaked on the internet. At first, the styling of the Gen II looked bad, but it's growing on me. I would definitely go with a Gen II because of the superior braking performance. Brakes are a big deal to me, and every review says the new ones are better. I also love the gear position indicator and the new instrument panel. It looks so modern compared to mine. There are certainly more aftermarket parts for the Gen I, but if all you plan on doing is a new exhaust, go ahead and shoot for the Gen II.


I have a Gen I and have never had a problem with it. I would like to get the Gen II but the looks just kill me. I also wont upgrade to a newer year bc it would cost money that I could use for mods for the Gen I. If you can afford the Gen II and like to looks go for it! Either way you wont be disappointed!


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But i was told that the newer gen turns alot better.
Gen2 has slightly stiffer fork springs, other than that, the geometry, e.g. rake, trail, wheel base and suspension components are the same as the gen1.



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grow into with the different modes??? Your first bike ??? I would go with which ever one looks better can't go wrong with either.


I've had both (03 and now have an 09). The Gen II is better.
As for looks, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".


I've owned a Gen 1 .07 and now have a Gen 2 08 go with the Gen 2 IMO its hands down better for comfort and power and corning good luck ride safe
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